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Unravel, Anchor, Repeat Volunteering in Nepal; Taking A Break From Life

Leaving For Pokhara

NEPAL | Friday, 11 Feb 2011 | Views [413]

I cannot believe it is already almost the middle of February. I am still thinking it is way in the beginning and I still have time. It is time to leave, however. I absolutely feel like I have no more energy left to devote to the orphanage. If there ... Read more >

The Pro and Con of Volunteers

NEPAL | Tuesday, 8 Feb 2011 | Views [530]

I had a hearty breakfast at the New Orleans Café all the while wishing my laptop was working or if I was smart enough, should have gotten it fixed back in NY instead of running around in Nepal trying to find someone who is qualified ... Read more >

Nagarkot and Also.

NEPAL | Tuesday, 1 Feb 2011 | Views [402]

This disorganization with photos and writing is terrible. The internet is so slow here and the keyboards cranky that I can't edit anything; can barely put the first drafts down. When it comes to writing, I am a perfectionist and I linger. Anyway. Moving ... Read more >

Almost 22!

NEPAL | Tuesday, 18 Jan 2011 | Views [445]

I escaped to Thamel again. I desperately needed a hot shower after not having any the last time I came. Cheaper hotels are great, but electricity and hot water are no guaranteed, even when they said so. I know the difference between lukewarm ... Read more >

Updating Updating

NEPAL | Friday, 7 Jan 2011 | Views [320]

Due to the difficulty of typing fast on these elderly keyboards and the slow internet, I haven't updated as frequently as I hoped. I can't wait until my laptop is fixed and I can type as much as I want.  Not too interesting for the past two weeks ... Read more >

Sick Sick Sick

NEPAL | Sunday, 19 Dec 2010 | Views [365]

I haven't eaten for one full day and spend two days sleeping to cartoons on Cartoon Network and the Disney channel. I felt horrible yesterday, truly horrible; did not feel that sick for a while. I am not sure how but I started sneezing right after ... Read more >

Climbing A Mountain, etc.

NEPAL | Wednesday, 15 Dec 2010 | Views [365]

I am here in Thamel after two days at the orphanage. I really needed a hot shower and a good night's sleep so I came early in the morning to find a good hotel around ten dollars. I did find one and it is ... kind of awful. At first, the room was good ... Read more >

Upcoming Upcoming, Incoming

USA | Saturday, 4 Dec 2010 | Views [303]

I can't believe this Sunday will be my last Sunday working. Since June, I have worked basically every Sunday for 16hrs. It was hard for my body to always be alert since I was 'working' and for my short attention span to keep remembering what I was ... Read more >

Money Like Water, Money On Trees

USA | Sunday, 28 Nov 2010 | Views [635] | Video

Sheryl WuDunn is a great, great speaker. She's got me convinced, even before I have read her and her husband, Nicholas Kristoff 's book, Half the Sky . For Monday, I have a doctor's appointment set up for 10 am, need to fax over things to my ex-... Read more >

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17 Days to Go

USA | Tuesday, 23 Nov 2010 | Views [311]

  I feel like there is so much to do before I leave. I called the doctor's office too late today. I was supposed to get up early and get all these tasks done but I chose to watch television and stuff myself with food instead. Just when you think that ... Read more >

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