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Jack Be Nimble My excursion to the bottom half of the "other" America!

Adios America Sur!!

PERU | Wednesday, 1 Jul 2009 | Views [536]

Hard to believe...nearly 17 months, and today, I´m leaving South America!! My flight leaves Lima, Peru in 5 hours, going backwards though, back to Santiago, Chile for 4 hours, than, on to Mexico City...Funny, I arrived in Santiago, so, it only seems ... Read more >


BOLIVIA | Friday, 22 May 2009 | Views [574] | Comments [1]

My friend Ryan back in Cali told me how much he loved Bolivia...his favorite country after Mexico... My friend Alvaro told me how much he loved Bolivia...the most beautiful landscapes and views... My friend Anne told me how much she loved Bolivia..... Read more >

The Mosts! The Biggest! The Highest!

BOLIVIA | Friday, 22 May 2009 | Views [442]

I have seen some amazing sights...some places I had never heard of prior to arriving here...You meet all the other traveler´s and they tell stories about all the other places...Which tour company to use for instance.  Which hostel to avoid, which hostel ... Read more >


BOLIVIA | Friday, 22 May 2009 | Views [567] | Comments [1]

It´s Friday. I´m in La Paz, Bolivia, my third day here, and still, I can´t F%·"! BREATHE!!...the altitude leaves me short of breathe...well, maybe the pack of cigarettes I smoked last nite helps as well.  I have not written in quite sometime.... Read more >


BRAZIL | Thursday, 19 Feb 2009 | Views [508] | Comments [1]

I am in Florianopolis, Brazil An island, in the south of Brazil. Praia Armacão, south-east of the island. Bell~s Company Hostel.  Gecko the owner, is an absolute genius, knowing everyone~s name, where they~re from, and which bed is their~s. Daily ... Read more >

Hostel Awards

BRAZIL | Saturday, 7 Feb 2009 | Views [599]

I have composed a short list of some of the Hostel´s I have stayed in throughout this past year...I think I cover them all... Best Bed...Hostal Costañera, Punta Arenas, Chile...very comfortable bed, sank right in!...hard to get up in the morning. Worst ... Read more >

A Year in Review

BRAZIL | Saturday, 7 Feb 2009 | Views [592]

Well, it´s official, I have been in South America for one year now.  Sure doesn´t feel like it.  Maybe a month, but a year!?? Alot has happened.  My neice celebrated her second birthday...and, is getting ready to celebrate her third.  An entertaining ... Read more >

Iguazu Falls, Argentina

ARGENTINA | Friday, 30 Jan 2009 | Views [674]

January 30, 2009 I´ve been lazy. Haven´t written anything for quite sometime...however, i´ve made an oath to myself that i´ll write something before checking my e-mails...in one week I will celebrate my one year anniversary in South America.  I´ve ... Read more >

Last Day!!!

CHILE | Friday, 21 Nov 2008 | Views [693]

Well, it´s official! I have completed my 8-month Teach English, Volunteer, Tour-of-Duty in Antofagasta, Chile! Today was my last day, rather bitter-sweet due to the fact that all week there has been a strike ( Paro ), therefore, I was ... Read more >

Gallery: Coyhaique-Winter Camp

CHILE | Thursday, 7 Aug 2008 | Photo Gallery

Beautiful Fun
See all 52 photos >>

Gallery: Portillo

CHILE | Thursday, 7 Aug 2008 | Photo Gallery

Skiing in July
See all 42 photos >>

Gallery: Antofagasta

CHILE | Thursday, 7 Aug 2008 | Photo Gallery

Home and Family
See all 11 photos >>

Chapter Six...no Pics...

CHILE | Sunday, 22 Jun 2008 | Views [781]

June 22, Tried to mess with my camera the other day, did mess with it...and ended up erasing all my pics... ¡Qué Fomé!...what a drag-bummer-that suck´s-boring-etc... It´s Saturday afternoon, the weather is nice, and I have not worked at all this week ... Read more >

Gallery: pic mix

CHILE | Sunday, 22 Jun 2008 | Photo Gallery

Pics taken by others
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Gallery: A lazy day

CHILE | Monday, 5 May 2008 | Photo Gallery

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Gallery: A lil´of this and that

CHILE | Wednesday, 30 Apr 2008 | Photo Gallery

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Chapter, High-Five

CHILE | Saturday, 26 Apr 2008 | Views [635] | Comments [1]

It has been nearly three months since arriving here in Chile, and three weeks here in Antofagasta, my home for the next 8 months. This city is pretty unique, unlike any place I have ever seen before. It is located in the north of Chile, which is actually ... Read more >

Gallery: Month 2 and 3

CHILE | Friday, 25 Apr 2008 | Photo Gallery

A lil´ of this and that
See all 18 photos >>

Chapter For Meat Eaters

ARGENTINA | Sunday, 23 Mar 2008 | Views [743] | Comments [3]

For those who are not familiar with Argentinian cusine, there is one basic componet: MEAT! MEAT! MEAT! Well, that is acutally three componets, which is still accurate once you witness the portions. After licking a peanut butter jar while on my nine ... Read more >

Chapter 3 daze of pleasure!

ARGENTINA | Sunday, 23 Mar 2008 | Views [554]

Saturday, 15th: Went with my friend Alvaro, from Spain, who I met in Punta Arenas, Chile, and his friend Eugenia, from Bulgaria, to the Bob Dylan concert. At Tellez Stadium, tickets were 80 pesos, about 25 dollars, we stood on the field. The lights went ... Read more >

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