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my little (mis)adventures ummm...where am i?

ch. 3 & 4: kruger and mozambique!

MOZAMBIQUE | Friday, 29 Apr 2011 | Views [368]

is damn freeeezing and raining out so am huddled here watching the royal wedding and have decided to be self-indulgent once again and blogggg a bit while watching. so am back in cape town now after best holiday ever with linda and angelee! we realized ... Read more >

molo, i'm back!

SOUTH AFRICA | Tuesday, 12 Apr 2011 | Views [419] | Comments [2]

so looks like i haven't written anything in over a month and i can only attribute it to pure lazines. plus i figure only my sister and like 2 other people actually read this blog but oh well, it is semi-self-gratifying anyway in a wholly-self-absorbed ... Read more >

let's tell time the african way

SOUTH AFRICA | Tuesday, 1 Feb 2011 | Views [502] | Comments [2]

so i'm missing my first day of work and i am horribly horribly bored.  perhaps its because my foot actually hurts even more now to the point that i cannot even stand and am completely confined to my flat, popping antibiotics and advil liqui-gels like ... Read more >

fun with horse races & townships

SOUTH AFRICA | Tuesday, 1 Feb 2011 | Views [350]

so the week was a blur of work and bars, bars and work and this past weekend was quite eventful. on saturday we got on our pretty lil' dresses n sunglasses and headed to the J&B horse races. it was touted as the most fashionable event of the year ... Read more >

hungry mondays (and deep friend bread balls)

SOUTH AFRICA | Tuesday, 25 Jan 2011 | Views [577] | Comments [1]

first off i wanna blow off some steam about today, one of my nightmare mondays. starts off with all the trains being a pain in the ass, stalling out all over the place. so i am 5 min past 9 trapped mere meters from my stop and our receptionist rings ... Read more >

random tales (mostly about meat)

SOUTH AFRICA | Thursday, 20 Jan 2011 | Views [704] | Comments [5]

cannot believe i've been here for so long already! on saturday morning (since when have i ever been not hungover and rolling around on the ground with a sausage mcmuffin in my hand on a saturday morning? since this past saturday morning) a bunch of ... Read more >

first proper week at CT Refugee Centre doneeeee

SOUTH AFRICA | Saturday, 15 Jan 2011 | Views [659] | Comments [5]

so just home now, finished my first full week of work which has been very tiring but very great! mondays and tuesdays it's open to all walk ins so is quite busy and apparently it will get much much busier as it's only the beginning of the new year ... Read more >

lazy sunday write up

SOUTH AFRICA | Sunday, 9 Jan 2011 | Views [474]

I started my practicum this past Thursday and i am very excited to be there! The staff are all very nice and Mondays and Tuesdays are when clients queue up for screenings and stuff so should be quite busy then. And not a bother with the trains ... Read more >

6 am mornings, glorious

SOUTH AFRICA | Thursday, 6 Jan 2011 | Views [656] | Comments [2]

yesterday was about 32 degrees and i am melting just a little bit here in cape town! went out n bought a fan for my room, thinking it would possibly be a life altering decision as perhaps then i can sleep past 6am when it starts getting haaaaawt.... Read more >

yo, i'm in south africa!

SOUTH AFRICA | Tuesday, 4 Jan 2011 | Views [628] | Comments [5]

so i decided to blog a bit again while i'm here in south africa though my blogging could never be as epically awesome again as it was back in the day of no facebook and such with  http://www.dianadoesasia.blogspot.com  . (yes, i am self-promoting my ... Read more >

Q: "is this organic?", A: "it's naturally irish"

CANADA | Thursday, 6 Aug 2009 | Views [694] | Comments [1]

some guy asked that to the shopgirl about a bar of soapp in one of the many souvenier joints in dingle and that was her answer, i just still think its funny. so the dee & ed road trip continues: dingle was a good time, did a couple of loooong day ... Read more >

cows, rain & knackers

CANADA | Monday, 27 Jul 2009 | Views [504] | Comments [2]

had a great time on the horan family farm. had my first ever sunday roast dinner, mammy horan made roast chicken, bacon, stuffing, potatoes, carrots, brocolli, carrots...it was my first proper meal in i dont even know how long. defintiely the first time ... Read more >

"IN BRUGES"/in actual ireland, not just surrounded by irish people

CANADA | Wednesday, 22 Jul 2009 | Views [437] | Comments [1]

so first of all, traveller's nightmare: i was robbed! just while changing trains in antwerp, belgium, got my wallet lifted right outta my purse! professionals i suppose. it was absolutely horrendous, i cried and cried and tried to go to the bathroom ... Read more >

"you want to see windmills? uhhh...."

CANADA | Monday, 13 Jul 2009 | Views [638] | Comments [4]

oh i wanted to see windmills sooo bad. and no one seemed to want to tell me HOW. one of the guys working at my deranged hostel told me i could take a ferry from behind the central train station (oh reaaaallly) and then take a couple local buses but hes ... Read more >

berlin... and christians in amsterdam's red light district

CANADA | Thursday, 9 Jul 2009 | Views [735] | Comments [2]

i LOVE germany! dresden was really nice cept i came down with the mother of all head colds and could barely function. dresden was the most bombed city during WWII or something but theyve rebuilt it pretty damn good. due to my cold i was rather disoriented ... Read more >

munich and on...heading back east (temporarily!)

CANADA | Thursday, 2 Jul 2009 | Views [526] | Comments [1]

so ive just arrived in dresden and i just bought the cheapest groceries (like 39 cents for a packet of spaghetti!) that its almost psychotic how excited i am over it. i am sooooo excited! and ive a kitchen in this hostel so i just cooked myself dinner ... Read more >

the hiiills are aliiiive.../another city, another sausage

CANADA | Sunday, 28 Jun 2009 | Views [521] | Comments [2]

so even though linda tay already rang me for all the details, perhaps other people wanna know all about the SOUND OF MUSIC!!! so i went on the sound of music tour and it was pretty fun i have to admit. we piled onto a big tour bus with a whole sound ... Read more >

schnitzels, mozart...and h&m

CANADA | Friday, 26 Jun 2009 | Views [433] | Comments [2]

so if it hadnt been raining absolute BUCKETS the last few days, vienna would have been even better! apparently its been highly uncharacteristicly bad weather and there were even flood warnings. either way, im so loving austria, eating schnitzels and ... Read more >

buda! pest!

CANADA | Monday, 22 Jun 2009 | Views [578] | Comments [1]

after split spent one night in zagreb, capital of croatia. it was ok nothing special really. i tried finding this lord of the rings themed bar but failed miserably. i was good and ready to leave croatia and here i am now in the pest of budapest' met ... Read more >

slooowly creeping along from naples to split

CROATIA | Thursday, 18 Jun 2009 | Views [650] | Comments [3]

croatia has made me sooo lazyyyyyy. backtracking, ended up having a pretty decent time in naples minus the harassment and groping. went on a day trip to capri with "i texas texas" scott which was full of posh people and posh things. highlight ... Read more >

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