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Worldtrip a 45 year old's adventures around the world-which include everything from sitting in random McDonalds using his notebook, hanging with 22 year olds, and other immature stuff.


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It's been real Krakow

POLAND | Saturday, 8 Aug 2015 | Views [330]

In my travels, I try so stay in a particular location just long enough. I don't want to leave too early, as I realize I will probably never come back. I don't want to leave things for the next time-as there probably won't be a next time. Rather then ... Read more >

Tags: krakow, poland

Woeful Wawel

POLAND | Friday, 7 Aug 2015 | Views [344]

Yesterday was the day to go to Wawel Castle, which is on the hill in Krakow. Wawel is a magnificent castle on the hill in Krakow, which was occupied by Poland Rulers in the 1300s's (Poland's Capital was moved to Warsaw in 1596). Later on, the castle ... Read more >

Tags: krakow, poland

Napping, Planned Communities, and Vodka

POLAND | Tuesday, 4 Aug 2015 | Views [533]

Yesterday,  was an interesting day-slow in the morning, but busier in the afternoon.  The first thing I did was go to the police to see if anyone turned in my phone. So I went to the station in the market square in the old town.  ... Read more >

Tags: krakow, poland

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