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It's been real Krakow

POLAND | Saturday, 8 August 2015 | Views [350]

In my travels, I try so stay in a particular location just long enough. I don't want to leave too early, as I realize I will probably never come back. I don't want to leave things for the next time-as there probably won't be a next time. Rather then leave the day after I have seen everything-I want to leave the day after the day after I have seen everything.  I prefer to stay in a place too long then too short. And that is what happened in Krakow-I was here for too long. I view my days here as ones before I lost my phone and ones after I lost my phone. I met a lot of cool people here, and bought a new phone. I was here for too long.


Krakow has an old town that is beautiful and was enchanting at first-at night the town square is buzzing, with musicians, vendors, etc. The square is surrounded by outdoor cafes, bars, etc. but after 8 nights, the old town is just...old.


There is a hopping Jewish Quarter, just a few blocks from the hostel-but after eating at few good restaurants, the Jewish Quarter is also old.


Yesterday, was a day without any excitement at all. I went to the mall to get a haircut. Turns out the guy who cut my hair used to work on the Ruby Princess cruise ship, so we had a nice conversation about the cruise industry, and working on a ship. Then I had lunch  at the mall-Pizza Hut had a nice salad bar. (it was a hot day, and the mall was air conditioned, unlike many buildings here). I also tried to see if I get my new phone fixed to see if I can access Google store.  He was unable to help me.


Afterwards, I brought my clothes to a laundromat across the street, and then I sat on a park bench on the median across from the hostel. There is a main road across from the hostel, with a median that contains both the tracks for the tram/streetcar and a park with benches. I alternated sitting/lying on the bench for a few hours I think.


Afterwards, I walked back to the Jewish Quarter for some vegetarian bigos  at a restaurant (a stew made with meat and cabbage, but now just mushrooms and cabbage). The food was very good but the service was horrible. After waiting a long time for the check, I went to the bathroom to find out there was no toilet paper or paper towel. When I told the staff they just about snapped at me. They apparently think that sauerkraut and other polish foods go in one end but don't come out. 


Later, I took one long last walk through old town, and then had a last snack of a zapiekanka-which is melted cheese and mushroom on what looks like french bread with ketchup. It is the Polish answer to pizza. It looks (and tastes like) cheese and ketchup thrown in the microwave.'

Truth is, Krakow is a beauitul city, with far less tourists then places like Prague. But I was tired of it (and it is tired of me, as well). I spilt some yogurt on an armchair in a Starbucks-like coffee place here, and after a few days  I still see the stains on the chair. 

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