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A Trip On the Metro In The Metro

SINGAPORE | Tuesday, 19 January 2016 | Views [401]

Yesterday I left Penang early in the morning to catch the flight for Singapore.


Penang wasn't my type of city-it seemed too touristy with old colonial buildings-but the food stalls we're good and I could eat cheap.


So I left the hostel for the airport. Normally, I like to have a print out of the plane tickets/hotel hostel arrangements, but there was no printer at the hostel, or at least the manager wouldn't print anything out for me.  An internet café was located on the next street, but was closed early in the morning when I looked for it-so I went to the airport empty ended.


I took a bus to the airport. The bus wasn't signed "airport", but the hostel manager said this particular bus would go there, and the driver did as well-and they we're both right. I arrived at the airport 3 hours early.  I had breakfast at Mcdonalds, and did the online check in for the flight on my notebook computer.  The form said I had to print it out and bring it to the webcheck in counter for the airline.


I simply brought my whole open laptop to the checkin counter and this seemed to satisfy the agent. The airline was called Jetstar, a discount airline that charges for everything. I had to pay $40 to check my bag, which almost doubled the amount I paid for the flight.


The 1 hour  15 min flight to Singapore was fine and uneventful. Customs and picking up my bag was fine-except the airport is ginourmous, and I had to go to another terminal to catch the train to the city, which first meant taking a train to the other terminal.


I found the metro to the city, of which was standing room only.  I had the brilliant idea of using my roller suitcase as a seat while I was in the train (Who would rather stand then sit?). Of course, as the train lurched on, my suitcase rolled away and I fell, grabbing on to some woman. Everyone in the car was staring at me of course.   People offered me their seat. No I didn't take their seat. I didn't need to sit that bad.  


Other then that, and getting a cut of my knee which I already had a cut on from falling in Bali, the ride was uneventful. I found the hostel which is located in the Little India neighborhood, and had some Indian food. 


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