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Can't get To Silly in Gilly

INDONESIA | Sunday, 3 January 2016 | Views [563]



Yesterday I left Seminyak, Bali.  I enjoy places that are historic and cultural, where I can learn about the native culture. Seminyak was none of the above. It was similar to Florida with beaches that are are about the same. But it  was fun.  I had a good time and actually stayed there longer then planned. The hostel had a wide open common area and Justin Bieber, One Direction, and other bands/artists that someone my age shouldn't be listening to-unless-it's-for-their-kids we're playing. It was a chill place (in the vernacular).


Anyway, after days of beach and cheap messages and nights of Bintang beers it was time to move on. So I got up to take the van to the ferry to Gilly Air. 


The Van ride to the ferry port was roughly  1 1/2 hours-like anything else here in Indonesia-the ride was twice as long as  I was expecting, past the commericalization of Bali, little towns.  The ferry was only about an hour-but wasn't pleasant. All of the seats we're inside- (non outside), and there was no room to spread out-the seats we're airplane style, 4 in each side-and I was wedged again the window.


Finally, I got to  the island about 4:00 or so. The reason I am here is some folks at the other hostel we're thinking of coming here.  Gilli  Air is one of three Gilli islands a boat ride away from Bali.   Gilli are is supposed to be more relaxed then the others so i checked it out.


There are no cars or motorbikes on the island. Only horse-drawn carriages and bicycles.  This hostel, and the reason I selected it, is just a bunch of bamboo huts. My bed had a roof and mosquito screens on each side-but otherwise it is open air. There is a pool and other huts.  It is very rustic-closest to Gilligan's Island as I have ever been.


After finding my bed, I went to a common area and shot-the-breeze with the others. Our conversation was high brow enough to learn that this was a place where people ingested mushrooms, and one woman discussed how while on mushrooms she saw such brilliant colors but forgot how to pee.  During this conversation, a familiar face walked by. Griet-the girl who lost her passport because her backpack fell out of the van walked by. She was staying here as well(I didn't know that-or that she would be coming to the island.)  We decided to get a drink together, so we walked over to the beach and had a drink while watching the sunset, and then we had dinner.  A romantic evening sans romance.




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