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The Final Word..;.For Now

USA | Sunday, 8 November 2015 | Views [466] | Comments [3]

I have been home for 7 days at this point, and it has been a hard adjustment. I have woken up after falling asleep on my own couch wondering where I was. Tomorrow I am leaving for a long planned cruise, so I am not doing much.


After 6 months in Europe, I have noticed:



(1) Some places have "supermarkets" about the size of 2 7-11's. (and they are called Supermarkets), and people seem quite content with  them.  Yesterday I went to a new Trader Joe's, which is twice the size of these foreign supermarkets, and then to a new Whole Foods, which is twice the size of the Trader Joe's.  And of course  I didn't go to Publix, which is larger then both. 


(2) People in other lands make due with small cars, in some places 30 year Yugo's (the same type sold here long ago).  Now I REALLY can't understand the obsession with Expeditions and Tahoe's.


(3) Going to the gym isn't the same as walking everywhere.  It's just exercise truncated. Europeans walk a lot more, and it looks it. Even those who have smoked for a long time (and look it with horrible skin), and have bed teeth, are thinner then most Americans it seems.


(4) After 6 months in Europe, I realize that Florida is REALLY bright and sunny.


(5) The more places I have been, the more  places I realize I haven't seen.



Yesterday I went to Miami and the International Auto Show-it was nice to be around people once again who are speaking a language other than English. (It felt comfortable for a reason).  At the auto show, I spoke to one woman from the Hyundai display about Hyundai's in Europe (there is a small model called the I10 which isn't sold here). She was actually very interested, since she was only trained on US sold models. 


Not an easy adjustment. I miss paying $3.00 for a meal and tipping only 10% (if really satisfied). I miss culture, history, etc. But I AM looking forward to the cruise.



So blessed to be a friend of David Pearlman & learn about and see all the Magnificant pictures he shared during his journey. He accomplished the dream so many of us can only wish for.

  Peggy Plante Nov 8, 2015 6:49 AM


Welcome back Dave! Glad to have you back in the states and looking forward to hearing all about it when we do our usual Florida excursion. I read many (but not admittedly all) of the blogs so looking forward to hearing it from the Traveler! What you did is awesome and so glad you did it. Talk to you once you're back from your cruise

  Robert Grabel Nov 8, 2015 7:25 AM


your travels are impressive and adventurous. Good for you for venturing out into the world and taking that step that few do. Enjoy your cruise. Bon voyage!

  Jennifer Nov 8, 2015 1:05 PM

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