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WWJD (What Would Jerry Do?)

AUSTRIA | Monday, 13 July 2015 | Views [1048]

Yesterday, was my final day in  Vienna, and it started out with an unusual but splendid view.


Not another tall building, observation deck, or the like-but right from my hostel room (which was only on the 2nd floor).  


Let me start off by saying that normally, I awake earlier then my roommates, which is good-because the bathroom and shower are normally free. On this particular, day, however, we all awoke around the same time, which was due to two factors (a) I was  up late the night before, (b) my roommates, a cute 20-30ish British woman and her boyfriend/husband/brother, etc had to catch an early bus somewhere.


The woman's bed was at an approximately 11:00 position to mine, if looking at the clock.  The boyfriend/husband/brother was in on a top bunk parallel to my bed.   Boyfriend/husband/brother tried to wake up girlfriend/wife/sister to catch the bus.  As she woke, I noticed just bare skin to slightly below her neck, and just blanket. She sat further up-her bikini lines we're showing, and nothing else. Finally, she sat just about fully upright, and she just bared it all.  From her head to slightly below her breasts. I guess she preferred to go to bed topless. 

She called frantically out to boyfriend/husband/brother to grab big towel from across the room to  cover up. I wish I could say I just turned away as soon as I saw the breasts to respect her privacy, but that would be a lie. I milked the scene for all it was worth  (pun intended). I felt sort of bad-she was a nice girl-one of the few people who greeted me when I came in. (most of the roommates I have had have been  cordial, but not overly friendly). All of the above took seconds, of course.


Jerry Seinfeld says "“Looking at cleavage is like looking at the sun. You don't stare at it. It's too risky. Ya get a sense of it and then you look away.” But what would he do here?

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