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The Hills are Alive!!

AUSTRIA | Sunday, 5 July 2015 | Views [497]


Yesterday, for the first day in Salzburg, I went on the Sound of Music Tour.  First of all, I Am pretty sure I never saw the movie from start to end. The first time I saw the film was on a transatlantic cruise in 2006, on the Carnival Liberty, when it was  played on the big movie screen. The night before the film was shown on deck, a female singer sang "Climb Every Mountain", so the cruise director decided to play The Sound Of Music in honor of her.  I remember how nice it was watching Julie Andrews twirl around, and the kids dancing on the sparkling green meadows, as I was relaxing on a deck chair in the warm sun during a day at sea. Once or twice, I saw parts of the movie on TV as well.


Anyway, when I mentioned I have was going to Salzburg, a few people recommended the  Sound of Music Tour, where I will learn the tricks of the movie, and see where every little part was filmed. So rather then a walking tour in town to familiarize myself with the town, yesterday, at 9:15 am, I went on the tour, and I felt dumber at the end of the tour than the beginning.


The tour guide knew more about the Sound of Music then anyone should, it seems.  He took us to the back of a castle where the cast we're dancing, and explained how it may have looked like Christopher Plummer was there, but really wasn't. He showed as the gazebo where the family crosses, and we visited the chapel in small nearby town where the wedding occurred. He regaled us with facts, such as how one of the girls nearly drowned during the boating season, and how the same girl gained almost too much weight later on during filming. He talked about growth spurts among the kids, changing the height sequence, during the film, and comparisons to the real family. The final stop was the Mirabell gardens, with intricate statues and  beautiful flower gardens, where the cast was shown dancing around and signing to Doe A Deer.  The CD was playing in the bus, and the tour guide encouraged us to sing a long-but the sing a long was sort of weak  (the guy behind me was sleeping), and snippets from the film we're shown on the bus as well

After the tour, I decided on something more high-brow-I went to Mozart's museum, or rather, both of them.  Two museums are in town celebrating Mozart's life. One focused on his early life, mentioning how his dad was a music teacher, and sister was a talented musician as well.  The second museum, on the other side of the river, showed the continuation of his life, operas, etc, and told how he died at age 36. The even had a computer showing with headphones showing the sheet music, and playing the corresponding notes. Each time I thought I was getting it, and finally learning to read music, it turns out I wasn't getting it at all.


Afterwards, I took a bus to go back to the hotel, and get some rest. And then I walked back downtown through the Mirabell gardens, and all that came to mind was "Doe, a deer, a female deer" and those stupid kids dancing around.  I had a peace of famous desert at a restaurant the hostel recommended, or so I thought (it turns out it wasn't so famous, I ordered the wrong thing.). walked up a hill, and went back to the hostel, where I had a few drinks in the common area with others staying there.

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