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Bergen Op Fail and lost money

BELGIUM | Wednesday, 24 June 2015 | Views [459] | Comments [1]

First things first, yesterday, I went to another country to get my camera fixed. That's right-another country. I took the train from Antwerpen to the aptly named Bergen Op Zoom, Netherlands, where there is a  Canon Service Facility, one of very few. As a matter of fact, when my camera broke last year, from home in Florida I shipped it to a facility in Virginia.  Let me start off by saying that I tried to contact the facility the day before using their website's live chat option. The conversation went something like this:

Facility: Op zerdegrum de drop?

Me: Hello, can someone communicate in English?

Facility: Yes!

Me: Great, my camera is broken-and gives an error of lens cannot communicate with camera-can you help me?

And after that, for probably about 10 minutes, I heard nothing-I just turned my computer off-so maybe yes was the  only English word they knew

So I decided to go there yesterday morning, which involved taking a train from Antwerpen station, changing trains about 40 minutes up the line, and then from the Bergen Op Zoom station, taking a taxi for about a 10 minute drive.

When I got to the facility, I learned that the part wasn't in stock-they would have to order it, and it would take 10 days to fix the camera. This wasn't an acceptable answer, because (a) I am in new places every day and love to take pictures, (b) I have no idea where I would be in ten days. And the camera wasn't under warantee so I am sure it would be expensive-so I ended up taking a cab back to the train station, getting on the train, switching back to the train home, and buying a new camera-which was certainly more then I wanted to spend considring this is a long trip, but necessary, considering the chance of me taking a trip like this again is slim-to-none, and photography is what I enjoy. I was able to trade in my camera for a minimal amoiunt of money, which was fine, because I would have cost me money to ship the old one, repair the old one, etc, and I didn't have enough space in my luggage to carry another.  But still annoying, as I could have bought the camera the day before, and saved the approx. $45 Euros in transportaion out there and back. The only good thing about the trip was (a) Pretty scenary of windmills, cows, etc (b) A nice talk with the cab driver going back about American cars, and how they are desired in the Netherlands (c) A Nice talk with a woman on the train I noticed reading a Carl Hiassan book translated into Dutch (Hiassen is a writer with the Miami Herald and writes many Florida-based novels).

The new camera is great-it has wifi, and a greater screen revolution. Also instruction manuals in 4 languages. (Italian, French, German, and Dutch). So I had to figure out most of it on my own, which was ok because it was similar to my old camera.

In the afternoon, I took a walk to the main center of Antwarp, which included many historical buildings, and wandered around town a little bit.

Later on, I went to a pasta resturant for dinner (the pasta was only $4.70 euros)-after having a good meal, I stopped somewhere else for an ice cream, and later discovered I didn't have my credit card.  I wandered around all over the place, back to the ice cream parlor, where the man at the counter assured me I left nothing behind.   I decided I might be back at the pasta restuarant, so I desperately went looking for the restaurant (I knew it  was somewhere within a 4 block radius of the rail station-where my hostel is located). I finally found it. The restuarant was closing up, the doors we're locked, the folks working there we're cleaning up.  But from the window, I could actually see my credit card in the card reader next to the register.  I banged on the doors desprately, and they let me in and get my card.  I went to bed relatively early, thinking that was enough excitement for one day.



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Wow, a lot happened to you on this day, glad for the good trade for your camera. And very lucky that you got your credit card.
Take care mon chéri! XXOOXXOOXXOOXX

  Dany McLean Jun 25, 2015 3:26 AM

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