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BELGIUM | Sunday, 21 June 2015 | Views [532]

Yesterday,  I awoke and took the train to Bruges. Why am I here? Well, way back in Seville, at a hotel bar, the waitress had a name that obviosuly wasn't Spanish,  so I asked her about it. She mentioned she was from Belgium-I told her I was planning on going there-to Brussels. She recommended going to Bruges, plus it was only a little over an hour by train from Brussels. So I decided to come to Bruges.

As mentioned, the train ride was only about an hour and 15 min by train, at 9:45 am yesterday morning, but seemed much longer.  On the train, I was seated in the sitting configuration with two sets of seats facing each other, with a small table in between.  I was sitting with a threesome who we're traveling together, but I am not sure how they we're related. I sort of like quiet, particularly on trains, and they did not provide it. They we're the brilliant conversationalist I strongly dislike, as that is a skill i have had challenges with. These threesome consisted of (1) An elderly lady (with a British accent), maybe in her late 70's/early 80's. (2) A overacheiving son/grandson in his early  40's, again with a British accent (3) A woman with an Italian accent who was probably in her 30's.  Perhaps the British man and Italian women we're together, but I have no way of knowing. 

They talked about everything, the man's sleep apnea machine which he apprently invented, how he planned the travel for the treesome, etc. And the old lady was the instigator. You could tell she just had to continue speaking.  The man felt pressured to respond, and the old lady kept asking more questions. The Italian woman felt pressured to chime in with  a response every so often, so that was a long train ride.

So what do I know about Bruges? Not much. On a walking tour I attended, I learned that there was a film called In Bruges with Collin Farrell that was filmed here. I haven't heard of it.  But I do know a film where I was pretty sure where Bruges had a significant role. I believe Dr. Evil from Austin Powers was from Bruges. In fact someone who was also on the walking tour mentioned that Bruges wouldn't want to be affiliated with Dr Evil-I thought to myself that Bruges not wanting to be affiliated with Dr Evil doesn't make any more sense then London  promoting Austin Powers as one of their own. Bruges was charming, as it had medievel buildings, canals, numerous foot bridges over the canals, and lots of chocolatiers and bars.

So the walking tour, which I attended after finding the hostel (by the way, I promptly followed directions provided by the hostel, which we're screwed up, and required a 35 minute walk above and beyond what was stated).  I went to another hostel where the walking tour was scheduled to begin, and went on the tour. It was medicore at best.  The tour guide stated to me at the beginning of the tour she was hung-over, and didn't feel like doing it (not a good start). She didn't delve into the history of the place, and the tour seemed oriented towards places that paid her for promoting their businesses. (a chocolate place,  a waffle place, and a beer museum). 

I did meet two ladies on the tour, thought, one from Italy and one from Argentina, and we walked around afterwards, and went out to a bar she discussed, which was right on the water, and then went out to dinner (I was full from the cheese and crackers at the bar, but they wanted to go out to dinner, so even then I was more full). And then walked through the drizzley rain and came back from the hostel.

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