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Bizarre Bath

UNITED KINGDOM | Wednesday, 27 May 2015 | Views [545]

After I completed the tour of the Roman Baths, I checked into my hotel room and took a nap. After staying in hostels, I don't take a nice nap alone in a hotel room for granted.

When I was done napping, I left my notebook computer and my passport in my hotel room (again, something I don't take for granted-as when staying in hostels I take my valuables with me), and walked around the city, taking photos, contemplating the scenery, thinking about life, etc.  I then decided it was time for dinner. 

Upon beginning my search for a resturant, I came across a crowd-about 100 feet ahead of me-a pub crawl, maybe, I thought? No-there we're kids in the crowd-so probably not. At the end of the line, I asked a cute 21-22ish girl was this was all about. She said it was A Comedy Tour-Where a comedian walks you through and gives you a tour of bath, and she said I should join them. Although I was hungry, and a beer would have come in 2nd-this 22 year old did talk to me and encourage me to join, so I figured why not?

I'm glad I did-It was very funny-mainly jokes about some Bath, like a gate that is waste-high with a lock on it-and also magical tricks, like throwing a (phony) rabbit in the canal, and having it re-emerge later.  It was a very funny evening, much funnier then I am describing, I am sure. During the tour, I talked with the 22 year old and some of her friends, both male and female. (to be precise, it was 22 year old and 21 year old sisters, a brother and sister, the brother being 18 and sister being 20 or so, and two other ladies who we're perhaps 21-23, one from Vancouver and one from Australlia). I also started hangin' (see I am cool for being 45), with the 18 year old brother.

After about an hour and a half, the tour was over, I joined the 22 year old and her friends for some pizza for dinner. After that, we decided to walk to a pub for pints. While walking, the 18 year old came across a begger who just wanted a few pounds (money) for food-Jake, the 18 year old told the girls "me and Dave will help this guy!"-I don't know why I was volunteered-but I joined him, and we bought the guy some chips with vineger for dinner (yuck). Meanwhile, Jake, the 18 year old, told the guy he was instructed by the Bible to help everyone, and he took it literally. 

Upon parting ways with the homeless guys, and went to the bar with the girls-here we discussed muggles (a word from Harry Potter, which of couse I had never seen, me being the one person), tv shows I have never heard of, etc. The girl from Australlia brought up shows like "How I met your mother", and I figured Cool!!! I have seen that one!!! (while waiting for an oil change  I believe)-and then she said "That and other classics". These guys all friended each other on Facebook and Instagram (they didn't ask me, I guess figured I was too old for stuff) and we parted ways

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