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UNITED KINGDOM | Tuesday, 19 May 2015 | Views [310]

Yesterday morning, I changed hotels once again. The former hotel in the middle of the town was absolutely beautiful, but was just too expensive at over $100 per night.  I took it because I reserved it at the last minute and that was about all in the center of town.  This time I have taken a room at Britannia Hotels-if you remember the room in Manchester I took my final night was of the same chain.  The name "Britannia Hotel" is a beautiful name. It conjurs up thoughts of a man in a tuxedo opening the door and helping me with the luggage, and plush accomodations, including a jacuzzi and old Victorian furnishings. The truth is different. The hotel is a  far walk from center of town-and to say the least, it isn't very nice.  The elevators are old and falling apart, a chair in the room had some womans (I think)  long hair, and there we're stains on the pillow, but other then that is serves the purpose. This hotel was a former Travel Lodge (and the outline of the old sign is on the building.  Additionally, my room is on the third floor-yet it is right beside the main street, and people can walk right by my room and  look inside.   How is that??? The hotel is built into a steep hill. So to get to the lobby of the hotel and get to my room,  I have to walk on the sidewalk past my room, down a very steep hill and around the hotel, walk through the lobby and take the elevator to my room.  How do I know people can look in? I saw it with my own eyes.  When I left the hotel after checking in yesterday, I looked in one window from the sidewalk and looked a room-sure enough my yellow bag was on the bed (where I left it). I figured I Would go back down the hill, through the lobby, up the elevator and back to my room if a random passer by would look in the room at my stuff. So I waited no more then 30 seconds-a woman came along, and took a five second glace at my room with the open shades. So I Walked down the hill, through the lobby, up the elevator, to my room,. to close the shade and came back.

Yesterday, I made some long term plans  (about 5 days). Tomorrow I will talk a tour to Loch Ness, the Island of Skye and others for a three day tour. Additionally, I will stay in Edinburgh for another 2 night after that, and go the London so I Can take a train to Stonehenge. Why two night in Edinburgh. Because I figured my three day tour, leaving tomorrow, would return Saturday (I called in from the  lobby of the hotel and it returns Friday). Why Saturday?? I just figured a three day tour would be like a three day cruise (With three nights). After all this type I guess a cruise is a reference for everything, and I already purchased a non refundable train ticket to London. And the next four nights (Including the two on the tour), I am staying in a hostel.  Yes, I know what I said-but money is money.  And my final 2 nights in Edinburgh? A hostel is about 1/3 the price of the least expensive hotel downtown. (My own side of  the hill-fleebag hotel will be $144 per night on Saturday night). Here is a pic of the room from the sidewalk

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