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These boots were made for walking After spending a year on a University exchange trip I'll be heading back home to Canada at the end of November. I'll be taking a couple detours on the way home stopping in New Zealand and then Hawaii.

Trip: New Zealand and Hawaii

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AUSTRALIA | Friday, 23 Dec 2005 | Views [510]

I really like Waikiki.  I wouldn't suggest spending an entire Hawaiian vacation on this island but for a few days it's really nice.  Yesterday I went to Pearl Harbour with a guy that was sharing the same dorm.  Pearl Harbour is one of those things that ... Read more >

Tags: Beaches & sunshine

Big Island, Hawaii

USA | Thursday, 22 Dec 2005 | Views [324]

As some of you know I've been fighting a cold for almost a week now.  Yesterday, determined not to leave Big Island without seeing anything I forced myself to get up and take a lava hike.  I'm glad I did it.  It turned out to be a great experience.  We ... Read more >

Tags: Adventures

Maui Part 2

USA | Sunday, 18 Dec 2005 | Views [359] | Comments [1]

Again just been taking in more beaches and ocean.  Met  lots of great people here at the hostel.  Unfortunately a cold has been going around and I woke up this morning with it.  I had planned on going on this 12 mile hike to the peak of this volcano ... Read more >

Tags: Beaches & sunshine

Maui Part 2

AUSTRALIA | Saturday, 17 Dec 2005 | Views [352]

The tour on Wednesday took in a couple beaches and I was able to get in some snorkeling.  I didn't get to see any sea turtles on Wednesday but I did while snorkeling on Thursday.  They were amazing.  I got to swim pretty close to them. The last few days ... Read more >

Tags: Beaches & sunshine


USA | Thursday, 15 Dec 2005 | Views [435] | Comments [1]

Hey Everyone Sorry I haven't added an article in a while.  I've done so much lately that I will have to try my best to keep this brief. My last day in Auckland was amazing.  I started out with a walk along the wharf and then headed to skytower.  Since ... Read more >

Tags: Beaches & sunshine

Auckland Part 2

AUSTRALIA | Friday, 9 Dec 2005 | Views [474] | Comments [2]

Internet is much cheaper here in Auckland this entry is sooner than expected.  Last night, I decided to go to bed early around 10ish.  Around 11:30 I woke up because of a noise.  I turned over in bed just in time to see the girl on the bunk next to mine ... Read more >

Tags: Beaches & sunshine


AUSTRALIA | Thursday, 8 Dec 2005 | Views [455] | Comments [1]

I've been in Auckland a couple days now.  I've been having a great time.  First night here I met a nice Welsh girl, Clara.  We went out for dinner and found this great sushi joint.  I love sushi and I think I've been in withdrawl for the last year since ... Read more >

Tags: Culture

Waitomo Caves

NEW ZEALAND | Tuesday, 6 Dec 2005 | Views [727]

Yesterday was one probably the best day of my trip so far. I went caving in the Waitomo caves. We started with a small 75 foot abseil down to the cave entrance. We then walked through an underground river and sat down in our inner tubes. Looking up ... Read more >

Tags: Adventures


NEW ZEALAND | Sunday, 4 Dec 2005 | Views [667] | Comments [2]

Ok, I had written a long detailed entry a couple days ago but it looks like something went wrong with it so I will just quickly qrite up the recent events since I don't wish to spend all that time writing it again. The trip to Rotorua was uneventful ... Read more >

Tags: Adventures


NEW ZEALAND | Wednesday, 30 Nov 2005 | Views [483] | Comments [2]

Well, this isn't the most interesting update so I'll keep it short. The ferry from Picton was good but they have to work on the quality of the films they show.  A Hillary Duff feature (A Cinderella Story) followed by a Lindsay Lohan feature (Freaky ... Read more >

Tags: Sightseeing


NEW ZEALAND | Monday, 28 Nov 2005 | Views [426] | Comments [2]

Hey everyone, sorry I haven't updated in a while. I tried to but the computer at the last place didn;t like me. Bungy Jumping was amazing. So much better than the one in Australia and so much HIGHER. It was great though. I was actually pretty nervous ... Read more >

Tags: Adventures

Milford Sound

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 23 Nov 2005 | Views [484] | Comments [1]

First of all, thanks to everyone who made comments and sent me e-mails to see how everything is going.  I'm sorry to everyone who I was unable to respond to but internet ain't cheap. Well, looks like my luck is getting better.  Yesterday I took the ... Read more >

Tags: Mountains

Christchurch, NZ

NEW ZEALAND | Monday, 21 Nov 2005 | Views [1466] | Comments [7]

Well, I've finally left Australia and have made my way to Christchurch, NZ.  It was really hard saying goodbye to everyone on my last day in Canberra but overall I think the anticipation of New Zealand helped me to deal a lot.  This is my second day ... Read more >

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