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Postcards The incredible adventures of Madame Putrid and Rotten

No pain, no gain

ECUADOR | Saturday, 21 Mar 2009 | Views [443] | Comments [1]

After a few hours on the bus from Cuenca we reach Cajas National Park, and set out on a 5 hour hike.  2 hours into the hike it starts to hail and pour down with rain.  There were plenty of gorgeous lakes and cacti but there was very little in the way ... Read more >

Gallery: cajas national park

ECUADOR | Saturday, 21 Mar 2009 | Photo Gallery

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Lazy Days

ECUADOR | Friday, 13 Mar 2009 | Views [434]

Not much to write about as these are lazy days now.  After ambling along the coast of Ecuador, Puerta Lopez and Montañita, soaking up the sun and surf, drinking too much 1.50 a bottle rum (aye aye aye, never again) and eating too many set almuerzos of ... Read more >

Gallery: Cotopaxi

ECUADOR | Monday, 2 Mar 2009 | Photo Gallery

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Volcan Cotopaxi

ECUADOR | Monday, 2 Mar 2009 | Views [579]

On the 23rd Feb I arrived back in Quito from the Galapagos and within 20 minutes was in in a pick up truck taxi 4WDing through the darkness on my way to Cotopaxi Reserve, 2 hrs south of Quito.  I arrived at 8pm and was met by 2 dalmations, 2 sausage ... Read more >

Gallery: The Galapagos Islands

ECUADOR | Monday, 2 Mar 2009 | Photo Gallery

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Soy Capitana

ECUADOR | Sunday, 1 Mar 2009 | Views [517]

Hola, So much activity to squeeze into this entry, where to start? Okay! Mel and I caught 4 local buses to the Otavalo Markets on the 17th and then she flew to Brazil that evening.  The next day Dave and I missioned out to Papallacta to stay in the ... Read more >

Gallery: Ecuador

ECUADOR | Monday, 16 Feb 2009 | Photo Gallery

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Vive Ecuador!

ECUADOR | Monday, 16 Feb 2009 | Views [850]

'Vive Ecuador, Vive vive vive', shouted a plane full of people as we hit the tarmac in Quito. Unfortunately that was as much life as I saw over the next four days, bed ridden with a stomach bug, fainting, vomiting etc. A doctor came to see me and in ... Read more >

Gallery: Spain

SPAIN | Sunday, 1 Feb 2009 | Photo Gallery

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Flying Solo

SPAIN | Sunday, 1 Feb 2009 | Views [410]

Hola, After clunking away on a robot computer in a games bar for half an hour the attendant came along and unplugged my prepaid computer from the wall, so this is actually the second time I am writing this story.  I apologise if it lacks enthusiasm ... Read more >


UNITED KINGDOM | Thursday, 22 Jan 2009 | Views [425] | Comments [1]

We spent 24 hours in Madrid shopping, eating tapas, drinking red wine and walking around the city parks before heading to the UK for a pitstop, to recharge the batteries before our next busy South America leg. Matt flew to Scotland and I to England.  ... Read more >


HUNGARY | Thursday, 15 Jan 2009 | Views [568]

I think the title says it all.  We are no longer in Dublin.  We are no longer in a relationship (still friends though).  I was offered a few nannying jobs in Ireland but nothing had come through for Matt yet.  Needless to say we decided to cut our losses ... Read more >

Europe: London, Paris, Dublin

IRELAND | Wednesday, 7 Jan 2009 | Views [476]

England saw us through a very Merry Christmas where we were able to meet up with some of my family and our friends, drink wine, eat roast turkey and open Christmas presents at my Aunty and Uncle's manor home in the English countryside.  4 days later ... Read more >

Gallery: Europe thus far

IRELAND | Sunday, 4 Jan 2009 | Photo Gallery

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Poon Hill/Gorepani

NEPAL | Sunday, 14 Dec 2008 | Views [648]

We arrived back from our Poon Hill trek yesterday.  It was a walk in the park after our last trek.  The tea houses provided showers (although cold), extra blankets and fresh buffalo milk at breakfast.  The towns along the way were quaint and quiet, aside ... Read more >

Gallery: Poon Hill Trek

NEPAL | Saturday, 13 Dec 2008 | Photo Gallery

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Bhairav Kund

NEPAL | Thursday, 4 Dec 2008 | Views [1158]

Hey!  I am jotting this story into my notebook as we descend the mountains North East of Kathmandu, by bus.  I want to write about our last few weeks a bit before I become swept up in the next few and forget the details.  Half an hour ago we were rafting ... Read more >

Gallery: Bhairav Kund Trek - Borderlands

NEPAL | Thursday, 4 Dec 2008 | Photo Gallery

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Gallery: Kathmandu

NEPAL | Tuesday, 18 Nov 2008 | Photo Gallery

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