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Cowboys, Canadians & Crazy American Children

Farewell ISTC

AUSTRALIA | Saturday, 22 Aug 2009 | Views [373]

I can't believe I haven't written for one whole month... But then again i have been so amazingly busy that I honestly haven't had a spare moment. It's also really hard to describe to anyone that hasn't ever been here what this place is like. I have ... Read more >

Extreme Kids and Quarantine!

USA | Wednesday, 22 Jul 2009 | Views [451]

Hi all, So I've had an awesome couple of weeks since I last wrote. I was lucky enough to get to coach the Extreme kids last week and this week. They're the oldest campers and they get to do fun things like dune bugging, laser tag and tubing. It does ... Read more >

Gallery: CAMP!

USA | Sunday, 5 Jul 2009 | Photo Gallery

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7 weeks to go!

USA | Saturday, 4 Jul 2009 | Views [409] | Comments [2]

Hi All, I know that it's been a while since my last installment but life here is SOOOOO busy and it's really hard to try to put camp into words. We're just at the end of week 2 of campers so 7 weeks to go. Time is flying by I think mainly cos it's so ... Read more >


USA | Wednesday, 17 Jun 2009 | Views [398]

Hello! So i have no entered the world that is summer camp in the US of A... It is AWESOME! So far it has just been the staff as we have 12 days of orientation before the kids get here. The days have been long but literally just playing games and running ... Read more >

Around the world and back again...

CANADA | Tuesday, 9 Jun 2009 | Views [551] | Comments [1]

Thats what I feel like I've done since I last wrote... A brief update: Post Vancouver saw me fly to Quebec City (thanks again for getting up super early to drop me Jackie!). Most amazing place - it really doesn't feel like you're still in Canada. I ... Read more >

Gallery: Best of the rest of the US of A

USA | Friday, 22 May 2009 | Photo Gallery

All over
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Gallery: Canada so far

CANADA | Friday, 22 May 2009 | Photo Gallery

Vancouver, Whistler and Vancouver Island
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Canandiadia continued...

CANADA | Friday, 22 May 2009 | Views [456] | Comments [1]

Hi all, So I'm back in Vancouver but I feel like I've been all over the place in the week since I last blogged. I was in Victoria the last time I wrote - such a great city! I ended up staying 3 nights in Victoria. The hostel was much fun with ... Read more >


CANADA | Friday, 15 May 2009 | Views [697] | Comments [1]

I actually had no idea that I hadn't written an entry since I was in DC - feels like SUCH a long time ago! I am sitting in a hostel in Victoria, Vancouver Island, CANADA! But before I get to that I need to update you all on where I've been since DC.... Read more >

From Virginia to DC

AUSTRALIA | Saturday, 2 May 2009 | Views [633] | Comments [1]

I almost managed to write another blog within a week - hope you are all proud! I have had the most crazy and fun week since I last blogged. I continued my road trip into Charlottesville, VA (home of the University of Virginia) where I said farewell ... Read more >

The last 3 weeks

AUSTRALIA | Thursday, 23 Apr 2009 | Views [740] | Comments [1]

The last three weeks have been a whirlwind! I think the last time I wrote properly I was about to leave Montana. Since then I have been all over the place... I went to visit the mormans in Salt Lake City on the way South. Jen and Steve put me in ... Read more >

Slack Zoe...

USA | Monday, 20 Apr 2009 | Views [464]

 So I was going to get up and write a nice long story about the past  weeks in Florida but I went to the beach to attempt to surf on an extremely short board  instead and have now run out of time to write properly. (I think I swallowed most of the ... Read more >

Heading South Again...

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 31 Mar 2009 | Views [486]

My weekly update... Tonight is my last night in Montana and I'm sad! It has been so great up here that Im not sure I want to leave yet. This past week has been full of sight-seeing (Yellowstone NP, Bozeman, Virginia City, Big Sky, Missoula), animal-... Read more >

Gallery: Montana

USA | Sunday, 22 Mar 2009 | Photo Gallery

hanging with the cowboys
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san francisco and montana so far

USA | Sunday, 22 Mar 2009 | Views [745]

So it's been only a week but I have seen and done so much since I wrote so I thought I really should update this and let you all know what I've been up to... The last time I wrote I was in Santa Barbara and about to head up to San Francisco with cousin ... Read more >

Santa Barbara and getting here...

USA | Thursday, 12 Mar 2009 | Views [457]

Hi All, First entry hmmm... Thanks to the Swedes I am trying this blog thing - forgive me for my lack of creative and technical writing skills (Lil, maybe you can fix it after Im done???) The trip so far: one word - LONG!!!! 3 hours to Auckland then ... Read more >

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