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WT09 your two favourite gap-yearers make their way around the world armed only with a sense of adventure and a photocopied lonely planet guide to the mekong. wish us luck!

Gallery: SPAIN

SPAIN | Sunday, 30 Aug 2009 | Photo Gallery

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barca barca barca

SPAIN | Sunday, 30 Aug 2009 | Views [901] | Comments [4]

sup friends. BASICALLY when we left you a couple of days ago (we are now so up to date with this blog its insane) we were about to make the trek from angouleme down to barcelona, which was made infinitely easier for us by manon's lovely auntie who ... Read more >

PARIS and more (but mostly just paris)

FRANCE | Sunday, 23 Aug 2009 | Views [885]

we're going on a bit of a rampage updating this blog but it's so much easier if we just get it up to date rather than running about three weeks behind forever more, although this may give you the impression that we spent a very busy 24 hours in france ... Read more >

Tags: euro disney, frogs legs, louis vuitton, snails

chillin in the fridge (i.e. in angouleme)

FRANCE | Sunday, 23 Aug 2009 | Views [671] | Comments [3]

hey girls (and boys) hey as luck, and i like to think karma would have it, the day we returned from our summer holiday at ile d'oleron (the only place we had to wear jeans so far) to angouleme the nice weather came out to play. this was, i think, natures ... Read more >

Gallery: France

FRANCE | Sunday, 23 Aug 2009 | Photo Gallery

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a slightly unglamourous arrival in france and a camping holiday, french-style

FRANCE | Sunday, 23 Aug 2009 | Views [857] | Comments [1]

apologies for taking almost a month to update you all on our adventures but in the few times when we've had internet access in the past three weeks facebook has unfortunately taken precedent, or failing that we've been booking things etc. and i didn't ... Read more >

Tags: camping, french lifeguards, ile doleron

florence + pisa + general coolness

ITALY | Monday, 10 Aug 2009 | Views [630] | Comments [2]

NOW i know you've probably been waiting with baited breath for the next instalment of our lovely blog, but iona and i like to keep you on your toes, because it makes us feel important to have people checking to see if we've written anything new. and ... Read more >

Gallery: ITALIA

ITALY | Tuesday, 28 Jul 2009 | Photo Gallery

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bella ROMA

ITALY | Tuesday, 28 Jul 2009 | Views [2322] | Comments [3]

SO after a not very exciting series of flights from santorini to rome, and a very expensive train ride into the centre of town (but what were we to do? not go into rome? ha!), we arrived at Termini Station and realised we knew the name of our hostel ... Read more >

the greek islands and beyond (except not really beyond)

GREECE | Wednesday, 22 Jul 2009 | Views [3063] | Comments [2]

hey hey hey because we are very clever, we are keeping up to date, and so now you get to find out about the incredible, tiring, beautiful, reasonably hectic greek islands. lucky you. even though it was us who went... MYKONOS As Iona said in the ... Read more >

Gallery: Greece

GREECE | Wednesday, 15 Jul 2009 | Photo Gallery

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78 hours of travel (a new record) and finally ATHENS

GREECE | Wednesday, 15 Jul 2009 | Views [831] | Comments [5]

so as Vivienne last left us (i believe she mentioned something about my complete loss of dignity in front of a large crowd), we were sitting in a Bangkok internet cafe killing time very effectively. well, there is little to report of the journey between ... Read more >

an epic amount of travel, and the very worthwhile end result.

THAILAND | Tuesday, 30 Jun 2009 | Views [787] | Comments [4]

HEY HEY HEY since we last left you, iona and i have discovered a new limit to the amount of time that can be spent on an undeniably crap asian bus. before we had to travel from vang vieng (near the top of laos) to koh tao (at the bottom of thailand) ... Read more >

general hilarity and intoxication on the mekong

LAOS | Wednesday, 24 Jun 2009 | Views [4725] | Comments [3]

we were a bit sad to leave luang prabang, but it's common knowledge that the most fun thing to do in laos is undoubtedly 'tubing' down the mekong near the town of vang vieng, an activity which basically involves jumping in a truck tyre inner tube and ... Read more >

Tags: tubing lao lao tiger whisky rope swing

2 days on a boat and our general journey to laos

LAOS | Friday, 19 Jun 2009 | Views [3840]

To get to Luang Prabang from Chiang Mai, there are basically 2 viable options for people on our kind of budget, both of which being boats, called, somewhat imaginatively, the slow boat and the fast boat, i believe. now, the fast boat might sound like ... Read more >

Tags: waterfall luang prabang

elephants and whitewater rafting in chiang mai

THAILAND | Friday, 19 Jun 2009 | Views [1130] | Comments [2]

WELL after an energy-draining but overall enjoyable few days in bangkok we were very much looking forward to getting to chiang mai- our only real demand of the time we spent there being to go on an elephant. we are reasonably easy to please. chiang ... Read more >


THAILAND | Sunday, 14 Jun 2009 | Photo Gallery

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bangkok, being really mad (what we do best)

THAILAND | Sunday, 14 Jun 2009 | Views [705] | Comments [1]

Our actual travel to bangkok from siem reap was relatively uneventful, as we managed to avoid the infamous "scam bus" with the help of some somewhat appreciated parental intervention before we even left australia. basically, we flew, which ... Read more >

temples of angkor + iona's 18th

CAMBODIA | Friday, 12 Jun 2009 | Views [633] | Comments [1]

SO we are no longer in cambodia but it seemed like we would be missing a fairly important part of the trip if we didn't tell all about siem reap in cambodia- home of angkor wat and various other ancient and photogenic temples. we made ourselves at home ... Read more >

Phnom Penh - take two

CAMBODIA | Wednesday, 3 Jun 2009 | Views [743] | Comments [2]

SO. after we left NHCC on saturday, we headed back into the practical mecca that is Phnom Penh, which was somewhat exciting. now, we know we've already been to and talked about PP, so we wont bore you with the details, just the super exciting bits so ... Read more >

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