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CHINA | Sunday, 23 September 2012 | Views [383]

Well Hello again!

Finally, today I am leaving for China. This is going to be tough!

And as promised I will keep everybody updated with my blog, I try to write everything with easy words, for those you are not so big fans of English.

Well right now its 6 o´clock and I am waiting for my plane and how in the world did I get that crazy idea with China.

Honestly I am kind of scared, what if I fail again and won´t be able to go trough and what if I can´t keep up. Hell I am already scared of all the muscle aches....

Also it is really hard somehow to leave Germany again, because everybody already started University and everything or found a place or job to settle, just I can´t and am travelling through world history.

But also I can´t wait to discover new stuff, like I told some of you, I will go and eat whatever. So no matter how yuck I probably am going to give it a try, with a view expectations, for example no dog, cat or ants (that would be going to far, so scared of them).

Well let´s see what I have coming up. I am honestly scared because there just wasn´t so much possibility to prepare me for this. So what the hell, somehow it will work out.

At least I hope so =)

So after I packed my stuff, hey I am amazing with stuffing tons of stuff into small spaces, I think I got a real talent there :P I picked my sister up. Went to her Class Room and got her out of the Math lessons, ohh my she so enjoyed herself, guess this will be the talk of the week. Some fun memory to remember me by.

At the airport we had a sandwich well more my sister had it, because as usual she just didn´t eat in school -.- Driving us all insane with this.

Well and than it was already time to say goodbye. So hard, today was really hard on me. Probably because this is the first time that I do something were I doubt myself a bit. But after Scotland I am somehow more doubtful of myself, it´s scaring me, but to late now. Now I just have to hang on, giving up is to expensive ;)

I am leaving my family today but I am still worried about how everything will go at home, especially with my grandfather.

Ohh well enough being depressed, this is a great chance in live and will be a great experience. I just have to learn how to grow a bit more, so wish me luck.

Haha now something fun just happened, when I went through the security check one of the police woman liked my pants so much that she asked where they are from, I always knew I had a great style :P

She looked rather disappointed when I told there, they were from Singapore.

Well I fly soon...so I will write more when I am finally in Shanghai =)

Ohh wow what a flight, to Istanbul I had a meal a snack. The snack was called miracle nut which I thought was pretty hilarious.

Than to Shanghai I thought I would be dying, the guy I was sitting next too was nice an polite, but hell ever had somebody next to you who had such a bad breath that you could smell it every time he yawned. Watched also Snow White and the Huntsman. Love the film selections the have on planes.

Arriving here I first kind of was to slow so I had to wait forever at the Immigration, picked my luggage up and went to the bus, where I had to get rid of a taxi driver. In the bus I didn´t get a seat, so I had to stand, first I thought ok, will be all right, well hey I forgot the Chinese driving style. Suddenly the driver stopped quite sharp and I nearly landed on my but. But I didn´t, phew.

Than I found the house I had the address for, but just one tiny problem, well my host wasn´t there. She went out to eat and I couldn´t call her back because my phone ridiculously decided to stop working. Well so I was standing there outside the door and a lot of people looked funnily at me. So I decided just to ask a random girl if I could use her phone really fast. Which I did and this way I finally got reach Elysse. So I had a chitchat with the other girl while waiting and didn´t feel like a complete idiot, can´t put it on my host though, because she gave me a warning with a sms.

Well Elysse herself is lovely, down to earth and quite funny, but wow I never met somebody who was that messy, I myself am already bad,but she tops it, which rather amazed me. Like tons of hair on the floor and stuff just thrown on a big pile.

Well I had a shower and found something else funny out, she planned her life after a online game. Wow I also never met somebody who was so into one game. She slept in between important game actions and stayed otherwise up all night.

Well that must be true love, so we talked a bit while she was playing and at some point I just fell asleep. I slept on the end of the bed, which wasn´t the most comfortable but still bearable.

So next morning I slept in late and we went out to grab something to eat. The best Sushi ever, so good and that all without fish :P

Than I got to the train station and had to find my way around with buying a ticket. My host went back and I took off. Well driving the metro can take forever and I nearly fell asleep several times but besides that nothing big happened. At the train station I was a bit disappointed that they had no English Magazines at all. What the heck I mean at least a couple but no.

So I got my train ticket for tomorrow at 8.22, which means I have to get up at 6 o´clock. Yeah-.-

After I was done there I decided to just take a stroll over to the bund to get this typical Shanghai feeling and I enjoyed running through the streets and this city feeling.

But I still don´t think I realized what in the hell I am actually doing.

I strolled around a bit and went back, where several people tried to sell me those roller-shoes, now please don´t I look a bit to old for these??

Ahh by the way they have lots of bubble tea here, I am in heaven ;)

Well I went back, had to go into Walmart because I was curious so I got myself some snacks and a travel sleep pillow, before heading back to the flat. Where I ended up reading a book while Elysse was playing her game.

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