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I want to.....I will!! Yes I am learning Shaolin Kung Fu :P

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CHINA | Sunday, 23 September 2012 | Views [554]

First morning and I woke up around 5.45 which kind of made me happy, maybe I´ll be able to go to Tai Chi every morning, but I didn´t want to go today, so I just rolled around in bed for one more hour before I got moving. Well breakfast was soymilk, which was kind of sweet, buns and eggs. I guess on the weekend I am going to go grocery shopping and get myself some honey, oats, fruits or whatsoever I find to make breakfast more interesting. Now I am back in my room and well guess it will be a friendly ignoring with my room mate^^ but we will see, I am most likely just spoiled because I had an amazing room mate in Scotland ;)

Ohh wow I am done, don´t want to know how I feel tomorrow, everything hurts. In the morning we did some basic kicks and punches, than some stands and running and so on, which was fair enough. We had lunch, again quite good and than I went with some other new guy to the next bank and we got a part of our money charge. In the break which was 3 hours (luckily) I slept a tiny bit and than went to my next class. Again two laps around the lake and warming up and than Sanda, and I probably overdid it at some point and over stretched something because at some point I wasn´t able to lift my leg any more, so I really don´t want to know how that will feel tomorrow. Well we couldn´t wait for the lesson to be over and I didn´t go to Bagua, which was obligatory. I try it maybe in a week, when I actually am able to move after lessons. Instead I went up and learned some Chinese and at 18 o´clock it was already supper time, pretty much the same than for lunch but I quite liked it so no complains =) Bought myself a pack of water too, because well the heat water for us, but it takes forever to cool down and I don´t want to drink the tab water here. Afterwards there was a Chinese lesson, more or less a sitting together and talking and making jokes, so I really had a fun time with that.

All in all I am quite happy here, the people are nice and the training is fun, or at least will be once the worst pain is over. The only thing I really don´t like are the showers, they are more a dripping of water instead a real shower, which is a bit annoying. It takes forever to actually get my hair wet and the soap out again.

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