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Perenthians- Islands Beauty

MALAYSIA | Saturday, 22 September 2012 | Views [411]

Perenthian disaster!

Well I got a bus at 9 and I arrived in Jerteh at 4. Now the last very in Kuala Besut leaves usually at 4, so I didn´t have any time to actually get some money out of my account. Which means 50 for the drive, 20 extra to Kuala Besut+ 70 for the freaking ferry.

Left with a bit over 100----->Not good.

I completely forgot that there are no ATM machines on the island. Well but at least I was on the boat, wow I tell you don´t ever dare to think your ferry here is the same than in Europe. It was a tiny boat, which could maximum fit maybe 15-18 people. It was rusty and some of the screws already were lost. So now you have to drive around 1 hour, sometimes even more, till you get to the Island.

They drop you of on whichever beach you want.

When I came off, I nearly lost my sock and we had to fish it out of the water.

Most chalets and rooms don´t have any prebooking, which means you pay, whenever you arrive.

That´s why most places are quite expensive. For Malaysia you will leave a lot of money here.

So I had to take on the first night a stupid kind of house thing, for 40...Well it has a double bed, so if you are actually two people it would be ok with the cost.

That´s something else what sucks here, they don´t have many dorms, so better come in a group or at least with another person, saves money and trouble.

My chalet was well very basic, the electricity turned off all the time, so I fixed it with my hairband, which I by the way forgot there. Darn it. I have to start taking better care. So far I lost some socks, my shower gel and my razor it seems. Now the razor really bothers me-.-

Well I had a couple of room mates, for example this 20cm long gecko(the biggest one I have ever seen) and some of his little siblings.

Thank good for the mosquite net xD

Well I slept with the light on because the noises and everything completely freaked me out. Also the big lizard I had seen earlier, which was at least one meter long.

The toilets were outside and by the way very, very gross.

I know that may sound picky, but hey for what I have been paying they could at least clean it a bit or watch after their place.

I know everybody talks about these Islands as the prettiest in Malaysia, but I´d don´t know. Even when you are in a resort, it´s kinda smelly everywhere. Lot´s of dirt lying around, even more than in the cities.

The beaches itself are nice, but don´t expect really big or wide ones, and when you want to go swimming well first find a place around all the little boats lying there.

But after I ate something (again kinda expensive) and checked online if I could book anything ( Nothing under 50 Euro a night-.- )

I tried to figure out the rest of my travel. At first I really wanted to go to Taman Negara, but right now I am just kinda sick of travelling alone and will just stay here a bit more, before heading down to KL and enjoying the city ones more.

Well after a weird night when I woke up I headed straight to the other beach and well there we go, I found a place to stay for 20 the night, with a/c and the bed is all right. Just the shower isn´t.

It´s the Shari-La Resort. It has a few stars, now you would think they would make there dormitories nice to? Well noooooo way.

There are like I said ok, but still not what you would expect and the toilets+showers are as gross as the last once. Seems like they can´t built a decent one, even though they most likely would be able to, but why spent money on people right now, that don´t pay much. That maybe more would be coming than they don´t really take in account here.

So if you want a nice place to stay, book online and spent the money, because than this islands are probably a real dream. If you want to save money, come with somebody else and it would be probably quite nice to have one of the little houses. They look lovely.

Otherwise get a dorm, and take a diving course. Those seem to be great and I really wanted to take one, but there comes the problem. My credit card-.-

Because I booked the hotel for KL and Romania with my card, there was not enough left till I reached the limit.

Yeah second hit bottom after I finally came to like it here somehow. Well I still could have done Taman Negara, but I am really tired of moving and trying to see as much as possible. I will now just relax here and not move at all for two days, besides lying on the beach.

The diving I guess was just not meant to be.

So whatever, than I just will do some Yoga on the Beach.

Maybe I will just change a view S$ and go at least to one nice place, but let´s see.

Right now I am just kinda mad at myself for miscalculating. If I would have went to Taman Negara straight I am sure it would have been very interesting and fun, but now I am stuck here. I still could go and I am maybe considering it, because if I can´t dive, whatever the 5 Euro I paid are than gone but at least I would maybe have a good time, but it also would mean another bus ride, more stress.

I didn´t really eat anything in the evening. Well whatever and for breakfast I had some noddle soup. Well the shower is horrible, you can´t close it. But I survived, ate a noodle soup and went diving.

Wow that was probably the most amazing thing I did till now. Ok well maybe not most, but kinda close.

First we went to a place with tons of fish. Imagine swimming around and suddenly being surrounded by a fish swarm.

The next place was supposed to have sharks. Well no, no sharks =/ Not sure if I should be happy or sad about that.

There were many other boats and on one was a Asian family. The woman didn´t really feel to well, I´ve never seen anybody puking like that. This whole thing was kind of disgusting, even when the fish found it great, so I figured I´d better stay in the boat and save the trip in the water again.

Before we went for lunch we went to one more place and saw some huge turtles, so amazing I swear they were at least one meter long and looked soooo cute, but there were so many tourist that I kind of got bored really fast because it was so stuffed and you had to be careful not to get a foot or arm in the face.

So we went for lunch and the family we went with and another guy had a nice talk. The kids were so cute, especially the younger one, she just kept talking and talking and well you all know how childs are, they say the cutest things. The mother thought my parents would be along, she said she thought I couldn´t be any older than 17 xD Well should I be now happy about this or not? ;)

After we ate, I had rice, well the cheapest ;), we went for another dive at the lighthouse. If you get the chance to go there, do it. Wow that was just plain awesome. The rocks are quite high there, so you can see everything up close and under the little lighthouse are tons of fish, were you can just swim through. Also you can climb up and jump into the water if you need a little kick ;)

Just be careful, because the stones are awful sharp and one of the girls cut herself quite bad on her foot.

Our last stop was romantic beach, were you will be just snorkelling on the beach, which is interesting too. There were some kind of big black worms all around on the ground, also I saw some bigger fishes and all kind of other fish, sea shells and so on.

All in all a great day.

In the evening I got dressed up a bit, to take some pictures. I noticed I really get lazy when I am travelling. Just to much of a bother to put make-up on or dress nicely. Because if you sweat (which you will in Malaysia) the make up is gone and comfortable clothes are just way easier.

After that I got asked if I would want to come along and eat on the beach. Well I was out of money, just had something like 2 Euro left, that wouldn´t have been enough. But the girl that asked was my rescuing angel. Ohh my she would laugh if she reads that. So this way again, thanks for the meal, I will remember this ;)

So her, she comes from England and is a hell of a crazy person, but you just have to like her and a guy from Denmark (I think, hope I am not wrong, would be kinda embarrassing) went down. The food was awesome, barbecued chicken and veggies and it was really plenty, so nice to have a full stomach.

Well we talked a lot and nearly got rained on, but the rain decided not to turn into a tropical storm and to stop after a few drops, thank god.

Otherwise we would have been soaked.

After heading back to our 10 bed dorm, I decided to let everybody sleep and not to pack that night, but to save it for the morning.

Well let´s get packed, I headed back with the ferry at 12, because I didn´t know how difficult it would be to get to an ATM and better to early than to late. So again the long boat trip over waves and whatsoever and chatted with some Spanish woman who were making a trip, they also guessed my age a younger, so whatever I guess^^

In town I asked around for the ATM and got some directions,not without the guy telling me I would need a taxi, otherwise the way wouldn´t be possible. Now seriously I declined and it just took me 10 minutes to walk over there. No need for a taxi. I walked back got myself a drink and headed to the first restaurant I could find and ate something decent. Had chickenrice, which somehow became my favourite dish along the road, you never can do something wrong with chicken rice =)

Well it was just 2 o´clock and I went and got my bus ticket and the bus would just leave around 8. Great now what to do? I asked in one of the Hotels if I just could stay and the lobby and use the internet and the woman was so lovely, she allowed me to. So I watched some movies, wrote a bit stuff together till 5. Than I went off and ate something again, sat down somewhere else and played some games on my cellphone just to get the time around somehow. Well I managed to do so and chatted with some of the older man, who thought me waiting and sitting there alone was somehow funny.

Later before I got on the bus I bought myself some ice cream, just had a craving for it and it was really good. Sour apple on the outside and inside was some kind of jelly, hard to describe.

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