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Nothing Short of an Adventure "Own only what you can carry with you; know language, know countries, know people. Let your memory be your travel bag."


SPAIN | Wednesday, 3 Dec 2008 | Views [222]

I meant to mention yesterday that it snowed for an entire FIVE MINUTES in Salamanca yesterday! AND the christmas decorations are finally up around town :) (it's freeeezing here--Spain IS cold.) One more ensayo and 4 exams to go!

Contestaré, "Es agridulce."

SPAIN | Tuesday, 2 Dec 2008 | Views [237]

So this is procrastination to the maximum down to the absolute meaning of the word and the very lack of productivity that it entails. I'm currently sitting in the JMU office, just drank a Redbull (probably more quickly than I should have), and "... Read more >

Varza Shee Familia

ROMANIA | Tuesday, 11 Nov 2008 | Views [296]

Te iubesc Romania: -Familia mea (my family) -the smell (varza shee vaca = cabbage and cow) -Beclean -the language -saramale -mititei -cozonac -supa cu goluste -the mountains -the villages -... Read more >

Estaba escribiendo un examen para Civilización Latinoamérica...

SPAIN | Wednesday, 29 Oct 2008 | Views [280] | Comments [1]

cuando Barack Obama was giving a speech in the convocation center at JMU last night. WHAT?!!?!?!? annnd of course I missed that due to current location abroad. bummer. Anywho, this week has been a doooooooosey (sp?). 4 midterms finally over! Tomorrow ... Read more >

56 deep, 45 to go.

SPAIN | Wednesday, 22 Oct 2008 | Views [249]

Yesterday and today I really missed home. It has been raining—a rarity for Salamanca—haven’t had time to run, and have been slammed with Spanish readings, 3 midterms next week, and I am trying to get my Spring classes all figured out so that I actually ... Read more >

“…and Perri is back here with The Plague….”

SPAIN | Wednesday, 15 Oct 2008 | Views [252]

Alright family, apologies for my lack of journaling...   School is finally picking up, Spanish readings are running rampant, and it’s hard to find time to sit down and write about what I’m doing because there is so much going on! (In a good ... Read more >

A brief of Belgium & Amsterdam in <100 palabras!

BELGIUM | Tuesday, 7 Oct 2008 | Views [251] | Comments [1]

Friday(4pm) Salamanca-Madrid , bus. Madrid-Hotel, metro & taxi. Saturday Madrid-Belgium , bus & airplane. South Brussels-Brussels , bus Brussels-Antwerp , train & sketchy men Antwerp ---MEGAN!!!!!!!! Antwerp-Amsterdam , train ... Read more >

¿Podría decirme dónde está la biblioteca?

SPAIN | Wednesday, 24 Sep 2008 | Views [361]

Alrighty, it’s the night of September 23, meaning I have been out of the country just 3 weeks or so. Some days I feel like I’ve been gone forever, and then on others I think of what’s to come and feel as if the time is moving way to quickly…. ahhhhhhh ... Read more >

Lo mejor de los dos mundos...y un poquito de wedding crashing.

SPAIN | Thursday, 18 Sep 2008 | Views [490] | Comments [1]

First weekend excusión: Cantabria. Which may as well mean—absolutely stunning. I’ve finally found my perfect destination-wedding location! ha (Although I have yet to see Greece.)   Little history lesson: Located up in the center of the Northern ... Read more >


PORTUGAL | Wednesday, 10 Sep 2008 | Views [421]

Which means: Thank you in Portuguese.. which, by the way, was absolutely amazing!!!!! Fifteen of us left last Friday afternoon on a six hour bus ride towards Portugal’s capital city of Lisboa. The ride to the border of Spain and Portugal is just over ... Read more >

“Yo sé mi niña, yo sé.”

SPAIN | Friday, 5 Sep 2008 | Views [449] | Comments [1]

Allow me to tell you the good things about my day.   1.                   We were talking about all of the words to describe appearance and clothes today in class, everyone had to pick a person to describe. Meridith chose me and ... Read more >

"Cangrejos don't have tails.."

SPAIN | Friday, 5 Sep 2008 | Views [275]

Meal times here are always a bit interesting. Our padres don’t think that Danielle and I eat enough so they always pay very close attention to exactly which things we eat, and which we don’t. All the food so far has been very good (and we lucked out ... Read more >

Dos dias worth of journaling in una entry!

SPAIN | Wednesday, 3 Sep 2008 | Views [418]

Sunday, Aug 31 Salamanca is so mona! Mona= cute. This town is fabulous, don’t let the two square miles fool you, it has everything going for it.   Size/looks wise it’s comparable to Georgetown. There is   a University, many students, ... Read more >

The big dipper actually looks big at 37,000 ft…

SPAIN | Sunday, 31 Aug 2008 | Views [410] | Comments [1]

One thing I’ve discovered since being here.. I don’t really like flying. Turbulence is a killer.. and the 7 hours over here was full of it let me tell you! It didn’t help either that our video system wasn’t working correctly so I managed to squeeze ... Read more >

Adios verano!

USA | Monday, 25 Aug 2008 | Views [242] | Comments [1]

Goodbye summerrr! Ahhh finally.. and I couldn't have asked for a better weekend to end with. Thursday night I did the UVA thing; met a whole bunch of cool guys and learned a new game that I really enjoy, but absolutely sucked at the first time around.... Read more >

Tellllll me something good...

USA | Monday, 11 Aug 2008 | Views [261]

...telllllll me that you love mee,  yeahhhh. (Chaka Khan has been stuck in my head since last Monday. Help!) First 3 days of summer.. successful I would say! Now it's time to get up and leave again to good 'ole Murdo, SD though. Just for a week this ... Read more >


SPAIN | Friday, 25 Jul 2008 | Views [287]

Soooo.... This is semi-awkward. or "torpe"--in spanish! I feel as though I'm writing to an invisible audience, but at the same time not writing to anyone, but rather writing down my thoughts hoping that they make sense to whomever is reading ... Read more >

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