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Photos: Amazon

ECUADOR | Thursday, 30 Jan 2020 | Photo Gallery

Kichwa village visit
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The Ecuadorian amazon

ECUADOR | Thursday, 23 Jan 2020 | Views [285]

This morning we are prepping for a visit to the kichiwan villages where we will be welcomed with ceremonial tea and the chikdren of the community. We woke this morning to the sound of a variety of birds singing and calling none of which with i am familiar.... Read more >

Tags: amazon, ecuador, kichwa

Galapagos and the saddleback tortoises

ECUADOR | Thursday, 23 Jan 2020 | Views [334]

Galapagos, what an amazingly diverse and gorgeous place! We chose to explore the islands via live aboard on a small brigantine sailboat called the Beagle. The ship holds 14 maximum guests plus 6 staff and one naturalist. For us we ended up being the ... Read more >

Machachi Sunday market

ECUADOR | Monday, 13 Jan 2020 | Views [403] | Comments [1]

We left the Hacienda La Alegria early today so we could attend the weekly Sunday market in Machachi. It was a great place to see how people in this area and in the surrounding mountains live. There were so many people walking around in town, stores were ... Read more >

Photos: Cotapaxti volcano and Machachi Sunday Market

ECUADOR | Sunday, 12 Jan 2020 | Photo Gallery

Ecuador, Cotapaxti, volcano, biking, market, Ecuadorian culture
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Tags: cotapaxti, ecuador, hiking, volcano

Quito to Machachi Ecuador

ECUADOR | Sunday, 12 Jan 2020 | Views [316]

Why Machachi? Our group of nine includes individuals with many interests, many of which we felt could best be satisfied by journeying to the area of Machachi. This small town is close to the Hacienda La Alegria both of which are nestled at the base of ... Read more >

Photos: Quito

ECUADOR | Sunday, 12 Jan 2020 | Photo Gallery

Culture, traditional Ecuadorian, horses
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Tags: andes, ecuador, hacienda, horses

Photos: Hacienda La Alegria

ECUADOR | Saturday, 11 Jan 2020 | Photo Gallery

Horseback riding, hiking, local culture
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First stop Quito

ECUADOR | Sunday, 5 Jan 2020 | Views [450] | Comments [5]

Quito, a 6 hour flight from home, elevation 9300. Center of Ecuador. We are a group of long time friends who have had many adventures just not together. We share alot, but most importantly we share a desire to explore. Explore a new place, a different ... Read more >

Our first week observations and experiences

ARGENTINA | Friday, 5 Jan 2018 | Views [497]

Hello all wanting to know about our adventures in America del Sur. First i must say my Spanish skills are still very limited but in Buenos Aeries that did not prove to be a problem. After several plane changes and airport security checks we finally arrive ... Read more >

Tags: buenos aires, selcome to america del sur!

Photos: Argentina

ARGENTINA | Tuesday, 2 Jan 2018 | Photo Gallery

Buenos Aires
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Don't cry for me I am headed to Argentina!

ARGENTINA | Monday, 25 Dec 2017 | Views [486]

Time to break the grip of winter heading to Argentina with 3 other traveling collaborators in celebration of shared birthdays. WE are here now in chile in the Plaines de Torres area.

Tags: argentina, south america, uruguay

Photos: aukland

AUSTRALIA | Friday, 27 Feb 2015 | Photo Gallery

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Abel tasman

AUSTRALIA | Saturday, 21 Feb 2015 | Views [430] | Comments [1]

Keep the sea on your right yelled the captain when he dropped our small mixed group off on shore as he sped off. I will meet you at half past 12 at barker bay...our group of 8 trudged through the ankle deep water to shore where we put on our walking ... Read more >

kiwis are cool, the land is awe inspiring

NEW ZEALAND | Thursday, 19 Feb 2015 | Views [727]

We have been here now about 4 days  the journey starting in christchurch through Arthur's pass to the west coast down to fox glacier. Yesterday we traveled north retracing our steps to hokitiki and traveling on up the coast to Westport. The weather ... Read more >

Photos: south islands new Zealand gorgeous

NEW ZEALAND | Wednesday, 18 Feb 2015 | Photo Gallery

Franz josef, fox glacier and west coast
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Photos: Australia Port Douglas & Daintree

AUSTRALIA | Friday, 13 Feb 2015 | Photo Gallery

Feb 10-14 2015
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19 hours later

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 10 Feb 2015 | Views [375]

Yes it was a  long grueling flight and i am still in an airport. Brisbane, about the size of Nashville airport and alot friendlier. I am so sleepy but afraid t hat if i close my eyes i will spend the next 4 days in the airport. It is hot and maggot ... Read more >

Trip Planning

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 2 Feb 2015 | Views [470] | Comments [3]

It's cold today and the winds blowing from the North bring threats of more winter weather coupled with snow, ice or cold wet rain this supper bowl Sunday. I think the best remedy for this type of winter forecast is a trip to a warmer clime. I travel ... Read more >

Tags: trip planning beat the winter blahs

Market time

THAILAND | Wednesday, 13 Feb 2013 | Views [716]

Going to the market whether it be in Thailand, in the country, in the city or in Cambodia, is quite an experience and certainly a time for learning about the people, way of life and the wide variety of eating opportunities. The market experience in Chiang ... Read more >

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