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As i turn 50 in a few days I thought i was due a worthwhile adventure, i am on this trip with friends i have travelled with in the past. The journey to Peru is a desire i have harbored for much of my life. the idea of exploring ancient cultures and ancient peoples is one that is tantalizing. I hope to also learn more about nature and the global impact (visit to the rainforest is part of the plan) we humans are having on mother earth. my greatest frustration is that my trip will be a short one. The challenge in this trip; enjoy every moment and make the trip a memory that lasts a lifetime! I hope to meet others and learn something about peruvians. I believe the more we go outside ourselves the better off our wold will be. The journey continues....

As the journey continues two years later, I am finding myself pointing southward again..this time a little closer, Mexico. I would like to learn more about the life in this part of the world....especially life in the desert as it is surrounded by water. I hear there are many gringos there but I will let you know just how many once there.

Now half way through my 50th decade I join the many other travelers who have expeienced the land, food, people and cultural variations found in Thailand and Cambodia. I will travel with old friends and explore both internally and externally all that we have in the world while learning how others we share this planet with experience life. Life in Thailand and Cambodia is one that has carried on for many centuries. I hope we are able to find and learn from those that still carry the ways of the past and are not too westerized. We will keep a minimal footprint and take with us many memories and hopefully real life connections that will provide a new and refreshing perspective in our western way of living.

2015 super bowl sunday, and i am planning to go to the other side of the world australia and new zealand work for me this time. The weather here promises to bring winter cold and presip that is typical this time of year. Well, i get to miss it. Temps will be in the 90's and the only wind we feel will carry with it the smell of the sea and the heat of the sun! stay tuned. Good aye mate td

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