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myfooteprints adventures on the road


SOUTH KOREA | Friday, 7 Nov 2008 | Views [558]

my life has been shifting in sync with the change of seasons this past week. last friday, marissa and i made the trip from daegu to sokcho with a brief stop in wonju. visiting the hospital where i'd spent the five days following the fall was a little ... Read more >

autumn's breath

SOUTH KOREA | Tuesday, 28 Oct 2008 | Views [343]

with the snap of mother nature's fingers, the seasons have changed places again.  autumn brushes summer off its humid perch with chilly fingers.  the invading shade of fall scatters the summer cicadas along with their electric hum.  as the wind picks ... Read more >

nite is calling

SOUTH KOREA | Sunday, 26 Oct 2008 | Views [307]

i can't hear much for the din of boisterous people around us. every table has a group of friends, mostly young university students, and almost everyone is basking in a soju glow. the girl on the other end of my cell is barely audible. and what i can ... Read more >

restless nights

SOUTH KOREA | Monday, 20 Oct 2008 | Views [303]

i've been having trouble sleeping lately.  i can usually fall asleep a few pages into whatever book i happen to be reading, but lately it takes me about an hour to nod off after putting my book down.  then, after finally being lulled into dreamland i ... Read more >


SOUTH KOREA | Tuesday, 14 Oct 2008 | Views [371] | Comments [2]

trauma happens in that instance between heartbeats.  that crack between everything being okay and chaos.  i have had the good fortune of experiencing the misfortune of trauma a handful of times in my life.  and surviving to tell the tale.  there ... Read more >

Xtreme weekend

SOUTH KOREA | Monday, 29 Sep 2008 | Views [491]

marissa and i made a trip to pusan this weekend to attend pusan's 4th annual inetrnational trex games.  the games which promote TRaditional, Electronic and Xtreme sports (hence 'TREX') was attended by a slew of other foreign climbers from the local ... Read more >

kimchi tales

SOUTH KOREA | Tuesday, 23 Sep 2008 | Views [329] | Comments [2]

wow it has been a long time since i posted anything on here.  the last time i wrote i was in newfoundland, pondering the road that would lead me back to korea.  and now here i am, after many long hours on airplanes, a lost wallet, two brilliant weeks ... Read more >

in between dreams

USA | Wednesday, 10 Sep 2008 | Views [444]

two weeks in squamish and i haven’t a post to show for it.  i spent almost everyday climbing and was usually too exhausted to have enough energy to put my thoughts into a coherent piece of writing.  days on the rock were followed by big meals and soaks ... Read more >

the drawing of the end

CANADA | Monday, 18 Aug 2008 | Views [342]

my time in newfoundland is coming to an end.  i fly to vancouver on the 27th, and although i'm excited to head back to squamish and to move to asia again, it will be hard to leave this place.  owing to the fact that the best part of the last month has ... Read more >

coming home

CANADA | Wednesday, 6 Aug 2008 | Views [322]

<p>driving through the small town of hr. breton, i'm overtaken by a wave of nostalgia.  the town where i spent my childhood.  i pass by my old bus stop and follow my old path to my old home, a tiny trailer in what used to be the town's trailer ... Read more >

work and play

CANADA | Thursday, 31 Jul 2008 | Views [366]

i've been spending a fair bit of my time back in newfoundland in the one place that i've missed the most.  flatrock.  with the new guidebook that was recently published, i have been on a mission to tick as many of the climbs as possible before i head ... Read more >

only in newfoundland

CANADA | Sunday, 20 Jul 2008 | Views [330]

my forearms are feeling a burn after pulling through the crux three bolt direct start to seascape.  i'm fanagling a piece of metal into the rock to protect the next bit of climbing when i hear a loud crash in the water behind me.  the flatrock crag, ... Read more >


CANADA | Thursday, 10 Jul 2008 | Views [287]

a lot can change in three years. my home has changed more than a handful of times, as has my job. coming back to newfoundland, it's much easier to notice the changes in the things, people and places that i haven't seen in so long. my parents look slightly ... Read more >

back in newfie

CANADA | Wednesday, 9 Jul 2008 | Views [366]

i've been back in newfoundland for three days now.  saying goodbye to squamish was difficult after the week i spent there climbing with tyler and cody.  i met both of them on ton sai during my seven weeks there.  cody was there when i arrived.  a fit ... Read more >

bangkok to tsuyama to squamish

CANADA | Friday, 4 Jul 2008 | Views [387]

it has been awhile since my last post.  i guess i've been too busy since leaving thailand to put anything up here.  or too lazy... my time in japan was enlightening.  i was very excited to see my old friends again.  but i realized as the bus pulled ... Read more >

the art of misreading

THAILAND | Sunday, 22 Jun 2008 | Views [290]

so once again i find myself in bangkok dealing with a missed flight.  though the circumstances are different, the situation is much the same.  i managed to misread my flight time, which was listed as 1:55.  having worked on a 24 hour clock in japan for ... Read more >

back in bangkok

THAILAND | Saturday, 21 Jun 2008 | Views [405]

once again i find myself back in bangkok.  amidst the heat, the smell, the noise and the madness of khao san road.  at least this time i took jenn's advice and stayed at a quaint clean guesthouse off the main strip. yesterday, following a short one ... Read more >

ayutthaya revisited

THAILAND | Friday, 20 Jun 2008 | Views [296]

back in ayutthaya.  as with sukhothai, it's been almost four years since i passed through here.  i recall my last stay fondly.  after leaving jenn in chiang mai, it was my first taste of travelling alone.  i met a group of japanese, some local thais ... Read more >

a wander through ancient siam

THAILAND | Wednesday, 18 Jun 2008 | Views [473]

i arrived in sukuthai at about 5:30 yesterday afternoon.  a five and a half hour bus ride from chiang mai after saying goodbye to jenn.  we are masters of farewells. i stepped out of the bus to be mauraded by touts telling me to stay in their or their ... Read more >


THAILAND | Monday, 16 Jun 2008 | Views [517]

well, seeings as myfooteprints.com is out of service until september when the server is put back online, i figured i'd continue my journal writing here. i left ton sai last week on the 12th and flew up from krabi to bangkok, bangkok to chiang mai.  ... Read more >

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