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Morning after the nights before

AUSTRALIA | Friday, 15 February 2008 | Views [626] | Comments [5]

In the overall contest of who has had the scarier, creepier roomates raúl is so far infront of me its not even really a contest.

Yet over the last few days (it seems like much much longer) the "tattoed man" has taken up residence in one of the bunks by the door in my room.

He's old, long grey hair in a pony tail and he's covered all over in tattoos, but thats not really anything to be scared of, what the problem is... is the noises he makes when he is asleep.

He snores like a chainsaw, talks in his sleep in a language none of us have heard before, and he moans and groans enough for a roman orgy...

Thats why at 8am in the morning, having only returned to my room at 4 this morning... i've been chased out trying to remove the sounds from my mind and struggling to think of something else to write here.

only other thing... Gomez found himself (or rather received for christmas) a female bear companion. I dont like her, she's never ready on time... she gets annoyed when i keep Gomez out on the beer all night, and she just whines and whines.

BUT she needs a name, and i dont intend to give her one :P

so... comment away with a name for Gomez's companion come domestic slave, only thing im really glad of is that my bag isn't full of tiny baby bears...

Tags: Misadventures




in no particular order:

Acuecucyoticihuati (a fantastic mexican name i just found on google! tho god know's how you'd pronounce it)


  Pete Feb 15, 2008 8:24 PM



Lovett, you should name the bear Lovett. So it'll be Gomez and Lovett. How cute :D

Got the name from Sweeny Todd, Mrs Lovett's pie shop.

How's that?

Hugs xx

  Hannah Feb 16, 2008 3:06 AM


what about
She is very tolerant & enjoys meeting people and having a good time!
also it is very easy to spell

D.G.Feb16 2008 16.48

  Grandad Derek Feb 17, 2008 3:40 AM


You could call her ADOLPHA which means She Wolf of your could call her Dee DEE or DD for short. :o)

  lucy Feb 20, 2008 2:25 AM


I will ignore the misogynistic tone in your note and put it down to lack of sleep.

She sounds like a Lavinia to me. Bit too flouncey and feminine? Painted toe nails and shell pink lipstick? Floral print floaty smock dress? Sorry I'm getting a bot carried away here........

  Raul's Mum Feb 20, 2008 11:38 PM

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