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Who needs a job

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 11 February 2008 | Views [701] | Comments [2]

Like to start this entry with two congratulations, though they are rather different.

Firstly its my brothers birthday today, so that deserves celebrating, think ill be popping for a beer or few after i've written this to do just that.

Secondly Kristen, a good friend of mine from Italy has had me worried about a rather serious operation she had to undergo. Thankfully it was 100% successful and thus congratulations to her, another reason to go drinking (if ever i needed one) in order to celebrate.

Now, as those of you who have been talking to me the joy search, which has been going on close to a month now, still shows no signs of actually producing anything worthwhile. Actually when i say worthwhile, i really mean produce anything AT ALL!

That is one reason why i haven't been posting on here anywhere near as regularly as in Denmark, or even when i was in Canberra. My life has descended into sleeping in, drinking and passing the time either reading, watching films or playing poker with my room mates.

I've been saving up more interesting stuff to add to my blog when i think theres enough to make a decent post, rather than adding it in tiny little bits.

I've had a tussle with a rather large black man, who had stolen an exceptionally small chinese man's bumbag full of money and was running down the street (and through people). I'd like to say i was very brave and extremely helpful, but in truth i was directly in his way and didn't get out of it in time. Being swept along clinging to one of the man's huge arms and waiting for enough men to be wrapped around him in order to bring him down. There was a tangle with a security guard who came to our aid and almost handcuffed me, but in the end the chinese man got his money back and i left the black man on the floor once id managed to untangle myself.

Sticking with the chinese, it was new year recently, slightly annoyed i had sttopped taking my camera with me on an evening. I encountered one of those large dragons i'd only ever seen on televison, also most corners were covered with drifting smoke from scores of firecrackers being set off, was almost like standing before a firing squad.

Then this weekend, last night raúl went off with some of his roomates to watch the six nations matches, and i found myself wandering around half at a loss what to do, and the other half of me certain i didnt want to watch another film or do anymore reading. I found myself dancing the night away of all things, which was quite a refreshing experience surrounded by people i didnt know, and would likely never see again.

Then tonight, and what pushed me to make this post, i went to the casino, after once more been filled with the notion of not wanting to sit in and do the same things again. I went in with 100 dollars (normally its 50 but the stakes here are higher than in melbourne) and i came away with 200..

all i need to do is continue like that! and i no longer need a job

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He posts, he lives!

Luckily I'd seen you, or I might have actually feared you lost forever. Maybe if you get out of bed before midday, you might get a job?? And have you thought about work in the callcentres?? It may not be exactly what you're looking for, but they do hire lots of tourist types like yourself. And the pay isn't bad. And it's more consistent than a casino.

  Kylee Feb 11, 2008 8:42 PM


I thught you were looking for a job, not joy, no wonder your not having any luck.

  mum Feb 12, 2008 3:28 AM

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