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About spongey

At home in my room waiting... always waiting

At home in my room waiting... always waiting

Argh the white, empty "about you" box of doom!
Well to start simple... i'm Neil or Blue, or The Sponge (Spongey) or whatever name you know me (dont know me) by that has brought you to look at this page.
I'm 25, and for my life so far have lived exclusively in Halifax, West Yorkshire in England, that is until the 30th of september 2007 when i shall depart on 12 months of traveling in search of excitement, adventure and really wild things (no not llamas!)
ehm in slightly more detail (but in brief as im really not that interesting):

I'm a postman

I'm a World of Warcraft addict, and when im not playing on my computer i'm using it to watch dvds or sci fi tv series'

I'm a half hearted author who hasn't written a word of his novel in a good 6 months (its probably related to the Warcraft addiction... but im in denial)

I'm running out of interesting things to put.. so ill stop

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