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The Wright Journey This is a travel jounal, written by me sophie. I leave on my travels for 8 and a half months and return mid august.. im hitting Hong Kong, Australia, Fiji, Chille, Peru, Mexico and Brazil. Il be working whilst in Oz and when I am in Mexico for three months I will be teaching English to primary school children and helping with sport and other extra curricular activities. Il be based in a village on the west coast, that is only accesible by boat- Talk about throwing myself in at the deep end!! It will be an experience and one I am sharing with my best buddy- Daisy Dixon! Whom many of you know- We are two peas in a pod and I cant wait to go on this wodnerful adventure, full of fun, laughter, danger, excitement, fear and much much more. Enjoy... ALL MY LOVE...MISSING U ALL. X Sophie

and Bolivia

BOLIVIA | Tuesday, 3 April 2007 | Views [664]

Had an amzing time in La Paz apart from the altitude sickness..blue lips!

Was a massive culture shock...but we soon got use to it...and went a bit mad on the alpacca wool hats...jumpers and socks...very cosy though! They may be cool now but I think we will look a little strange on our return! a little too kitted out!

Took a bus trip to Tiwanaku...an old inka ruin, interesting but also a little tedious having to spend 45 mins listening to the guide describe in spanish AND english!! bought some lil figurines...which i also think I will regret on my return!

Had some great meals out...!1.60 for a set menu in a really beautiful restaurant. very cheap and around half a penny for a packet of oreos!

Jumped on a bus to Copacabba, a pretty town by lake Titicaca, and got a boat over to Isla Del Sol, walked around the island...and saw some of the best views I have ever seen. The pictures do no justice...the lake was VAST! huge...however it was freezing and the food appauling..none of the places to eat even had a menu..they kind of made up a food and a price and that was that. Experienced the extreme immaturity of public school boys (wanting to buy a guinea pig..and set it free, as it is traditional dish), only to find out that one of them is going to Newcastle..NO!

Left Copacabba and passed through the border into Peru, which was rather exciting, one foot in Bolivia and one in Peru..WOW! Had to cross the River and they put the bus on a plank of wood to get it across (ever heard of...a bridge).

The bus ride from Puno to Cuzco, was extremely scary..woman getting on and off trying to sell EVERYTHING! I almost threw up when one came on..opened up her bag of goodies!! and pulled out chicken something..hacking away at the neck and bones with what I am sure was a machetty(i know you dont spell it like that)..tearing of wings and legs! and handing it to the Peruvians on the bus with some boiled potatoes thrown in a brown paper bag and some dodgey green gooey balls! the smell...was...odoursome! FOUL!

but we made it and Cuzco is absoloutely beautiful, one of the best cities I have been to so far and the buildings are amazing.

Had many mad nights out here, trying very hard to avoid being hassled by William, our new found friend(pickpocket) trying to sell finger puppets. Met a south african...who lives 5 mins from me in london...small world!

Seen lots of Inka ruins...too many...although they are amazing and the Incas are v.v.clever...its all about astronomy and the sun, stars and the southern cross!

Very nervous for Macchu Pichu...apparantly it is very hard...and has turned out to be very very expensive!

adios...and if i failed to mention that no hot showers and Daisy cut my hair with swiss army knife(another useful one Hugh)and a nit comb! oh and no loo paper in the loos! Oh the luxuries of home!! oh and the cheese as Llama Cheese, which tastes like cheese soaked in paintstripper wine! Cant wait for a home cooked meal, hot bath and my own TOILET.

Love S

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