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The Wright Journey This is a travel jounal, written by me sophie. I leave on my travels for 8 and a half months and return mid august.. im hitting Hong Kong, Australia, Fiji, Chille, Peru, Mexico and Brazil. Il be working whilst in Oz and when I am in Mexico for three months I will be teaching English to primary school children and helping with sport and other extra curricular activities. Il be based in a village on the west coast, that is only accesible by boat- Talk about throwing myself in at the deep end!! It will be an experience and one I am sharing with my best buddy- Daisy Dixon! Whom many of you know- We are two peas in a pod and I cant wait to go on this wodnerful adventure, full of fun, laughter, danger, excitement, fear and much much more. Enjoy... ALL MY LOVE...MISSING U ALL. X Sophie

Santiago and Pucon

CHILE | Friday, 23 March 2007 | Views [793] | Comments [2]

Arrived in Chile, Santiago,

Didnt get off to a very good start as Daisy´s bag had taken its own personal around the world trip. Our first Spanish used, was an attempt to get a taxi to our hostel, which surprisingly we managed...

We felt quite safe here as Santiago and Chile is the most affluent country in South America, and there is very little crime. There were good services, public transport and shops, however still expensive for the cheap cheap cheapness we were expecting.

´Personal oppinion' Santiago was a city, much like any other normal city and did not really have much to offer. We ventured up a rather pretty hill, called Santa Cruz, which stuck out like a sore thumb, being rather stunning grassy flowery hill in the middle of a dirty smoggy city.

We decided to leave Santiago ASAP becasue the real beauty of Chile is the north or south of the country...not having much time we decided to go south to Pucon.

After a ten hour overnight coach journey, with very little sleep, we arrived in Pucon. It was beauiful, a sasmll town in the middle of mountains and volcanos. There was no snow apart from on the top of the volcano, and clear blue skies, the town was in a valley surrounded by mountains.

It was an actionpacked few days, mountain biking for 5 hours killed us, we were almost in tears our bums hurt so much. But the waterfall we got to see half way through was so worth it. Climbing tot he top of it...I found a special place with the water cascading down by my feet...had a moment... ha aha

We also went horse trekking, which was not such a good idea after the bike ride and also lasted 5 hours, but stunning scenery, and galloping in the mountains on horseback with cowboy stirrups was not to be missed.

The hot springs, were great for nursing our aches and pains, boling ht waters, that although lovely for 10 minutes, after that i was wishing i was in a bath at home and could just turn the cold tap on...so it was in out..in out!

Im loving the way all the places I visit are so diverse, everywhere is in its own league of beauty...and the best part is there is so much more to see.

In Bolivia at the moment, it is a serious culture shock compared to Chile, read more the find out.

Sophie x x x x x

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Great to hear all is well and you are both having a fantastic time (save for the loss of the bag). Really enjoying looking at all the photos amazing experience.
Everybody at the M-G's send their love and look forward to seeing the next set of photos with missive. Steven

  Steven Mar 25, 2007 2:21 AM



am wondering if you could help me out--I'd like to head to S. America probably Jan-May next year, volunteering for a couple months for a non-profit. do you know of anywhere that would give room & board to someone who's willing to help out? if you don't know of anywhere, could you put me in touch w/ someone who does?

also, if I enjoy summer time, mountains, being active, & usually medium-sized towns, which country/region of which country should I head?

thanks for your help!

  liz Apr 3, 2007 12:30 PM



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