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The Wright Journey This is a travel jounal, written by me sophie. I leave on my travels for 8 and a half months and return mid august.. im hitting Hong Kong, Australia, Fiji, Chille, Peru, Mexico and Brazil. Il be working whilst in Oz and when I am in Mexico for three months I will be teaching English to primary school children and helping with sport and other extra curricular activities. Il be based in a village on the west coast, that is only accesible by boat- Talk about throwing myself in at the deep end!! It will be an experience and one I am sharing with my best buddy- Daisy Dixon! Whom many of you know- We are two peas in a pod and I cant wait to go on this wodnerful adventure, full of fun, laughter, danger, excitement, fear and much much more. Enjoy... ALL MY LOVE...MISSING U ALL. X Sophie

Machu Picchu

PERU | Wednesday, 11 April 2007 | Views [782]

The Inca Trail

We were very nervous to begin with having been told..how hard it is and how unbearable day two is etc etc.. and being very unfit..having being lying on beaches for three months...we were very worried

However...it was not that bad at all...infact amzing and we were both so glad we did it...what an experience..I just wished I could go back in time and see all the incas working on their cities..all bustling around etc...

Well our group was....how should i put it..interesting!! Two smashing girls from lewisham who we chummed up with..an ozzy party dude and few strange, odd balls who decided to be friends for the four day trek and not even say goodbye on the last night..but anyway!!

Our tour guide Ozzy was the best! And we sung the whole way..throughout the whole four days (except when gasping for breath) He was hillarious, having spent time in england he came out with all these funny lines, plays on words and random jordy lingo! He kept a really good pace and was great at handing out many a coco leaf to chew!

Food was amazing, however I did eat something funny..and was very very sick in the airport (spare the details) our cook even managed to russle up a cake half way up the mountain...not knowing it was nicoles birthday!! now thats talent!! Porters were fabulous too, they carried all our bags..camping equip food etc etc...and they ran the whole way! We spent a lot of time shouting..´porter on your left...porter right´..they were all so sweet you just wanted yo wrap them up in cotton wool and take them home.

Lots of walking, we walked 45 k in total..first day was a breeze! We were terrified for the second day, up hill constant for five hours! I wont lie it was hard! but, surprisingly were two of the fittest. And were the front of the group! We completed day two...was hard...but high fives at the top 4200m and we were both extremely proud!

Seeing Macchu Picchu on the final day...was undescribale..the camera..doesnt even show how amazing the view was! And i say...Bloody Incas...bloody steps!! But they were amzing...and what they built was....i have no words

oh and last night out in cusco bumped into all my old mates from london...very very random!!

off to mexico...too my little village in the middle of nowhere


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