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Playa Blanca, Islas de Rosaria

COLOMBIA | Wednesday, 1 December 2004 | Views [4179] | Comments [1]

Journal Entry
December 1st, 2004
Playa Blanca, Islas de Rosaria
Off of coast of Cartegena, Colombia

Yesterday, today, tomorrow. 365 days a year, For millennia upon millennia. Over desert, jungle, city and sea. In the slums, on the streets and over the suites. Morning, noon and night. Life diligently and gracefully raises a hand and sweeps the sky. In a brush of brilliancy to allure and lift weary and downtrodden eyes. To bring to attention the questions that the striking evidence would only imply; In inspired wonder of who, what and why.

My favorite color is that of the sky minutes after the sun has set, but before the first star has shown itself yet. A fleeting and paradoxically incalculable minute. That by these instructions can be recognized and captured only by intuition. (As I think all life’s most inspiring moments to be.) This color. If captured in a stone. Would woo and wow the Royal to send troops to destroy, devastate and enslave, just to put a piece of it on their plump fingers. And here it is. That same color. Spread across the sky wide. Unprejudiced of all whom it adorns. Making even the sea look small and pale. In bold declaration. That all royalty and richness will befall. To those who look up. Any and all.

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hola a todos, un saludo desde santa marta, la bahia mas linda de america, no hablo ingles, pero queria agregar que taganga es un lugar encantador, que vale la pena conocer.

mucho gusto...

  TATIANA LORENA Jun 21, 2006 4:21 AM



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