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Today we met the cutest monkey...

NICARAGUA | Saturday, 11 September 2010 | Views [1061] | Comments [1]

Brett and I rented scooters so we could cruise around and see the sights of Granada all day. We found our way down to the lake and paid $1 to enter the park tourist center. Cruising around on our scooters was so freeing! We are now so used to walking and taking buses everywhere, so being able to get wherever you want fast and whenever you want was a great feeling! Some of the roads were on were dirt and occasionally you would see a bush of flaming orange flowers surrounded by sun yellow butterflies. We picked a perfect day for the ride, because the sky was clear and the sun was warm. We didn´t even get any of the evening rain that´s so common here.

Eventually our road led to a restaurant situated on Lake Nicaragua (largest lake in Central America and has it`s own species of freshwater sharks). We pulled up and parked our scooters and the first thing we saw was their pet monkey that they keep out front. We talked to the staff and they said they´ve had her for 13 years! She looked like he was getting pretty old because her beard was white. As soon as we walked up to her monkey bars, she immediately made her way down to greet us and wrap her tail around my arm. We took some pictures and then I started calling to her and without hesitation she climbed up on my shoulders and began grooming my hair. I´ve never had a monkey clean my hair, but it tickles a lot! The scary thing was that Brett said she found something to eat while she was looking through my hair! I guess I haven`t been showering as often as I used to... ;) Brett took a video of the whole process that I will link to the blog so you can see the whole thing. To get the monkey away from my hair, a guy from the restaurant brought out carrots for her to eat. He gave us some so we could feed her too. It´s funny how similar to a person she was with her human like movements.

Coming up from the lake, we passed through the outskirts of the city where the roads are full of people, bicycles, scooters, cars and huge buses. It´s amazing to me that the people here are able to fit an entire family on their bicycles. The dad pumps while the mom sits on the bar in front of the seat and the kid on the handle bars. It´s no wonder why there aren´t too many gyms around here! We even ran into one of the street markets where we missed the one way sign and got going in the wrong direction on a road full of cabs coming at us. Needless to say, we got turned back around pretty quickly!

Just because I`m on the subject of monkeys and they are my new favorite animal and I want to have one as a pet, I`m going to tell another monkey story. There are a lot of islands right off the shore of Lake Nicaragua (something like 350). There are also a lot  of lanchas (boats, but it sounds better in Spanish) that you can rent and they will take you on a tour of the islands and stop at one of the restaurants along the way. We ended up doing this trip, but we did it with our Spanish school as an extra perk for signing up with them.

The islands were gorgeous. They are all really small, very close to one another and a lot of them have really nice houses and hotels. As we motored through, we came to one known as Monkey Island. Click here to see some of the monkeys on the island.  As we got closer we could see monkeys hopping around in all the trees. Apparently it`s normal for the monkeys to get on the lanchas so that the tourists can feed them. Our case was a little bit different because we had two dogs on board with us. The guide warned us that the monkeys do not like dogs and said it could possibly be dangerous if we had them come on board. We said we would take our chances and unwrapped our granola bar for them to eat, just in time for one of the monkeys to swing down from the tree and growl at the dogs. Just after this, he jumped on the boat and attempted to attack the dogs and get his food. It was so scary! He was swinging around with a granola bar in one hand and trying to strike the dogs with the other. To protect the dogs, the guy from our school threw the dogs overboard into the water while we drove away trying to get the monkey off our boat. Click here to see some of the action: Monkey Action. The video is really short, because we were afraid of being attacked or having our camera stolen by the monkey. They are known for stealing bags and shiny things. In the end we got the monkey off the boat and made the dogs swim while we drove to restaurant on the next island.

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Sophia, that is so funny, great video!! : )

  Gay Sep 15, 2010 4:54 AM

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