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The whole point of this here Blog...

UNITED KINGDOM | Saturday, 1 December 2007 | Views [812] | Comments [2]

Ok, I'm going to waffle a bit here, so brace yourself now, or look away!

First some background on myself and these so called 'blogs'... it won't take long as there is no background on that subject. I've never read them and never attempted to write or 'keep' one either. I haven't looked up the point of the blog either, but after having a nose at some random blogs I presume it is merely publishing ones diary (sometimes on one particular subject, rather than everything happening in an individuals life) where it can be viewed by anyone you allow, or more often, anyone at all!

So, why start writing one? I have two reasons for beginning this one;

  • Firstly I like writing about things. Any things. Things that I do, things that I think, things that I see... I'm not not wholly sure why, but I think it is to do with the fact that I like to talk a lot and there is no one left who wants to listen! [This makes writing a good backup to talking for me, as the words are still actually coming out!] I got on well with the English language in school, but have never been educated in actual 'writing'. This fact will not only become immediately apparent to you as you read my ramblings, but will remain reinforced each time you come back for more... more fool you. My writing style is a little different, mostly it's going to be English, but with a Bristolian twang and lots of slang/made-up words. It should still make sense though, and if you're willing to be patient with it, I promise not to get upset if I don't receive any awards for my writings!
  • Secondly I plan to do some traveling in 2008 and would like to not only document it for myself, but this medium is perfect for sharing my plans, thoughts, adventures, and photo's with my friends and family in one easy to update format.

Currently I am in the final stages of planning and the only things concrete I have done is to buy a 7-flight ticket with BA/Qantas (more on that in a separate post) and to tell my boss that I wish to take a sabbatical. This bit was difficult for several reasons, foremost is the respect and license that I've received unequivocally from said boss during my time under his wing. For this I am immensely grateful. The guidance and opportunity I've been bestowed this past near three years have been invaluable to my own personal and professional development and I have learned a great deal about myself from this time (both good and bad). Because of this, it is with some sadness that I choose to take some time out and go and see some more of the world, but I firmly believe it has to happen some time, and this is going to be my best opportunity to do exactly that! The business is expanding rapidly, and some might think it foolish of me to jump at this point. I already know that if I stay put, I'll be busy and get paid for it. I also know that it will continue to be a success, so to not hang onto it could be construed as pretty daft. My most driving thought however, is that I will kick myself if I do stay put for that one thing, and then end up finding another reason to not take this opportunity, thus potentially missing out forever. I must strike while the iron is hot!

I currently have nothing else stopping me from absolving myself of the responsibility of being an adult! I'll sum that up as briefly as possible by saying that I have been single for about 10 months now after separating from a very long term and committed relationship. This was obviously a big turning point in my head, with much soul searching and self doubt. I've decided that I owe it to myself to go and see a few more things and really learn about life and people, and I'm not going to do that any better than my efforts so far based in the city in which I was born, by staying here any longer...

For now this is definitely a sabbatical and I fully expect myself to come back to the UK and throw myself onto the daily grind again. But I'm open to ideas and will consider all possibilities that arise carefully. It's time to do some real living! Scary!

So, thats basically it. This blog begins.

I'll include thoughts on planning and some more details as I work towards it. For now I've given my notice on the flat and put the (last-minute) wheels in motion to sell the car. I leave for Bangkok on Sunday the 20th of January 2008. I've got ten more working days left with the company, in which time I will oversee a complete hand over to the two new guys who I've been training up for the last month.

I will be adding some travel logs that I wrote a few months ago when on a trip into Asia with the company. They were written purely as a way of remembering the parts of the trip outside of the meeting rooms on our seriously hectic schedule. This will not only give me some small amount of satisfaction, but will also put some actual content on this page and give me a chance to format the page and settings as I get ready to go... (I will back date the entries so that they appear to have the date they were written on.)

By the way, I am not an intrepid explorer, a seasoned back packer, or even an independent traveler of any great experience level. I've done some traveling in the past, some of which was alone, but this is going to be a pretty big adventure and is both daunting and exciting for me in equal measure. Hopefully it'll make for some interesting reading for you, as well as interesting living for me!

Thanks for reading. Please feel free to comment on any entries or to drop me an email if you like. Tips on the English are welcome too, I'd like to learn in that area as well.

Cheers for now

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What a nice introduction...I really enjoyed reading it. I've browsed a bit of your posts and they are really interesting and fun to read ! Have fun climbing up the Harbour Bridge ! What are you doing tonight ? We should meet for a drink, what do you think ?

  Emilie Apr 2, 2008 10:31 AM


Hi Emilie, thanks for the comments. I've missed out on the drink tonight though, as I didn't get to read this until late!

I'm out on a long day tomorrow, back around 7:30pm, so we could meet tomorrow or on Friday night for a drink and chat... I'll message you. :-)

  sl0ggs Apr 2, 2008 9:29 PM

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