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Christmas Frakin Day!

CHINA | Tuesday, 4 January 2011 | Views [547]

Nothing could have gotten me down this day! I had school at 9 but didn’t get me down. I woke up with by excellent girlfriend (well right now something is up) and gave her present which cost me half my salary. I kept telling her she was getting an umbrella which she did not like at all but seemed pretty happy with her present. I got her a necklace with an actually diamond which was a first for me. So she showed that off to everyone at work and they were jealous because none of them celebrate Christmas really so they don’t exchange presents. Work went very well, I was in high spirits in every class and everyone got some sweets from me and were well behaved too. I got some really nice shoes from Crystal, which I swear and the comfiest shoes I have ever worn. After class I went home and had a cheeky beer. I skyped the family and it was good to view a stocking opening even from China. After that time went on 7 30 and I headed out! Rosanna, Crystal and I went to our friends Graham and Jules’s house who had cooked dinner for us. Their friend Jack and his girlfriend Hoi were also there. We drank a ton and ate a ton too. The food was amazing. They only had 3 hot plates and made a 4 course meal it was fantastic. I honestly don’t have one bad memory of that day which is rare for me. Now you might be joking that I don’t remember too much well you aren’t too wrong but I was teaching at 9am so I didn’t go completely crazy.


We did a different sort of secret Santa at this dinner. Each person bought a present with no one special in mind. Once there we chose which we wanted by the look of the parcel, box or bag. I brought a basketball set which I thought would be fun if only for that night and a rice cooker (because graham said he wanted one and I kinda told him I would bring it). I also bought Crystal present which was a top of the line badminton racket! Not cheap any o it, even in China. So Graham ended up with the correct present and Jack ended up with the racket. Others got weird and wonderful things whilst I got a solitary box of chocolates. I am sure you can imagine my disappointment. Can’t eat chocolate and must have got the cheapest present by a long shot, GUTTED! But in the spirit of it all I don’t mind. It was very funny walking down the street with 2 big wrapped boxes and a wrapped racket. Weather was crap too so we looked even more comical I would imagine.



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