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New Years Eve and New Years Day

CHINA | Tuesday, 4 January 2011 | Views [655]

Until the actually day I had no idea what I was going to do. Although not China’s main New Year young people still like to party! In the end we had to start at mine (9 30pm) because we were too loud and crazy at Graham and Jules’s house at Christmas and they were told no more parties. It was me, crystal, graham, Jules, Rosanna and 2 of Graham’s co-workers. We played some drinking cards and I admittedly started a little crazy on the booze. For good reason but we will get there. At 11 we went to the club! It was mental, people everywhere. Want to walk go somewhere? Figuratively had to fight people off to get there or get to crawling or crowd surfing. We didn’t find a table but bullied a few people off one. Which repeated it’s self until we ended up with a good table. The place had some amazing performances and was very lively. No space to dance which probably saved me some embarrassment. The place had its own count down so everyone celebrated New Year at the same time which was new! After that is a little blurry but I remember most of it. We drank some more, let around 2 30 and went to get some noodles and came home! Not too badly hung over the next day but a little shaky.


So the next day Crystal and I agreed we hadn’t been anywhere in Huizhou recently so we went to this nice place on West lake. I have been there with Rosanna before but it was nice to go back with Crystal, really beautiful and relaxed. We decided to walk home which took slightly over an hour but I saw some really interesting parts of Huizhou. Anyway from this day I had and have continued a small resolve. Eat better, snack less and no beer until my holidays start. This will hopefully hold true until the 28th of January but I will let you know how it is going.

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