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June 2012 Salalah - Land of Frankincense

OMAN | Tuesday, 26 June 2012 | Views [646]

A sign of a good place is when you need to buy another piece of luggage to bring back all the new "stuff" but it is good stuff.  Today I will look for a rice bag (strong and light weight) to pack the incense burners, the 4 grades of Frankincense, the  distinct local dresses with the long sweeping tail worn by the women and girls, the kimma hat worn by the men, a coconut made into a box to store incense, more incense, a traditional pillow made of brilliant colors set against a black background (looks like stain glass work), perfumes, and local cheese to name a few things.

I do apologize for not posting photos because there will be some nice shots from Taqah castle where I am dressed like a bedu covered by a heavy dress, head scarf and local face veil that looks like a mask,the small castle itself had some nice features and I thought this place would make a good floor plan for a little abode in CO, the ancient port of Khor Rori sat high above a lagoon that is reportedly filled with pink flamingos in the winter months, some classic wooden doors in the crumbling fishing village of Mirbat, a perfect lunch of fresh fish and rice sitting in a hut by the wild sea, trying dried camel and camel stew at a roadside bbq area, the blow holes of Maghsail, and the Frankincense souq.

Today there is more to come with the day long tour of the mountain area.  Besides all the natural beauty and good trinkets, the warmth of the people have made it feel like home.  My guide Mahad couldn't be better, the family I ended up meeting through a local contact made wonderful companions at the Salalah Festival explaining this and that, and Ahmed, a taxi driver, told me his story about working two jobs so he can get enough money to marry.  Also, there was a colorful character yesterday I met when I hopped into a taxi to take me back to the hotel.  He was the driver and between him and the 2 Moroccan girls in the back, we had a fast and furious converation in English, French and Arabic.  His mission in life is to be helpful to people.  And he was when he offered the ride without payment.  Mine turn to pay it forward.

I am on my forth day of five and feel I could use another three to go to all the restaurants I have spotted.  With lunches being on the heavy side, I have been having fresh juice in the evenings.  My favorite is half avocado and half mango.  Salalah is also known for coconuts and yesterday we stopped for fresh coconut water straight from the coconut.  Speaking of food, I am getting hungry for breakfast.  Here at the Internet cafe, a man walks around selling milk tea.  That wet my whistle for something more substantial like some kind of pastry filled with bananas and coconut.

Check back within a few days because I hope to get some photos posted.

Yella, bye.



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