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August 16 - Dragon Race

CAMBODIA | Friday, 16 August 2013 | Views [523]

A sunny and dry day in Kep and yet, it is not miserably hot.

The big event this week was the Dragon Race 12 students participated in on Wednesday.  Two teams were formed and they called themselves the Tigers and the Dragons.  They did a variety of activities from the spoon race to crossing on a balance beam.  Some of them proved to be natural athletes.

Back to using Internet cafes to get photos uploaded.  Glad there are a few places left and this one is at Don Bosco, a training school for local youths.  The students gain experience with computers and running the place.  

Two weeks left until school breaks for the month of September.  My plans are for Kampot, Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Battambang, and Nang Khai, Thailand.  All by bus unless I decide to fly back from Thailand.

While I am waiting for the photos to upload, I will describe my morning meal in the market.  In a big bowl, bean sprouts are added along with mint and slices of cucumbers.  A big fist full of white noodles, cold, are places on top.  A fried pork roll is cut up into slices and added on top.  The toppings are crushed peanuts, dried shrimp, coconut milk and a sweet chili sauce.  This costs about 45 cents and fills me up.  

The market has a food court area where people have wooden tables they cook at and small wooden slats are benches.  Small fires are cooking fried bananas, fried dough, waffles, and more fried dough dipped in sugar.  This all reminds me of camping and I much prefer to eat in the market trying different things.

Time to bike back for class.



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