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Thailand 2018 - Islands and Beaches

Thailand | Wednesday, December 20, 2017 | 111 photos

Serenity survives in southern Thailand, hidden amidst the myriad of tourists flocking mostly from northern Europe. Longboats ply the popular spots with Yanmar outboards thumping and growling between beachfronts and islands. Tourism is a double-edged sword, bringing economic growth but slewing nature and culture in its wake. We witnissed this on once-beautiful Ao Nang beach, where those escaping noise and haste back home were confronted by a bewildering stream of longboats beaching and departing with tourists seeking some offshore island experience only to be plunked on yet another crowded scene. We opted to stay in a cliffside hotel with rooftop viewing of Langurs and Macaques cascading through the treetops amongst the jungle clad rockface.

When revisiting the tropics over the years the changes have shocked us, so it wasn't too surprising to find a four lane highway under construction on the north end of the nearby island of Koh Lanta. Luckily we were headed to its southern coast like we had 10 years previously, where we found it still lovely and peaceful, with a beach long and wide to wander and sand smooth as silk to soothe our toes.

Five years ago we had unsuccessfully tried to get accommodation on the more laidback island of Koh Jum, so this time we booked well ahead for the period over Christmas. It's an exciting feeling when you get punted off a ferry mid-sea onto waiting longboats that whisk you to the shores of a small mysterious island. That journey proved to be our smartest move this vacation. Tranquility does still exist in Thailand! We became blissfully detached from the world amidst the hermit crabs, swinging in hammocks with cold beers and fruit shakes, or lounging on the balcony of a breeze filled seaview bungalow....ahhh That preferably "shall remain nameless" island captured a part of us.

Visited: Ao Nang - Mountain View Hotel, Miti Resort, Regent Hotel, Krabi Thai Village Resort, Ton Ma Yom restaurant
Koh Lanta - Lanta Intanin Resort, Chomview Resort, Lanta Nature View restaurant
Koh Jum - Golden Pearl Beach Resort, Coral Bay Resort, Fu Bar (Da), Sunset Bar (Zen) Bangkok - STAY Hotel, Tsuri Neighborhood Japanese Cafe, Bangkok International Dental Centre (BIDC)

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