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Trip: My trek in the Himalayas

There are [5] stories from my trip: My trek in the Himalayas

Gallery: Nepal

NEPAL | Saturday, 8 Dec 2007 | Photo Gallery

Trekking in the himalayas
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The last chapter of my never ending trek!

NEPAL | Friday, 9 Nov 2007 | Views [1524]

So the end has come, i have walked for 22 days, completed several marathons, reached an altitude of 5416m, climbed about a million steps and had the time of my life! Sharon and Mark were the best companions i could have asked for, we shared so much on ... Read more >

Tags: The Great Outdoors

The day of reckoning....

NEPAL | Thursday, 8 Nov 2007 | Views [997]

Two weeks of walking was the build up to this day...'The pass', climbing 1000 metres to an altitude of 5416 metres. The nerves of anticipation were building, adrenaline pumping through my veins and the question of 'could i do it?' whizzing through my ... Read more >

Tags: The Great Outdoors

Still walking and walking AND walking!

NEPAL | Friday, 2 Nov 2007 | Views [1711]

so the tale continues.......a week endured, survived and still walking.....and walking ...and walking......."Are we nearly there yet?"   Day 7 ..."the day of endurance"   The day didn't start so well.....it was to ... Read more >

Tags: The Great Outdoors

My first week of walking...serious question...'can a hill kill you?'

NEPAL | Thursday, 25 Oct 2007 | Views [1535]

So this is my story of a 20 a day smoker who doesnt even like trekking turning into (still a 20 a day smoker) a happy TREKKER!!!!!! So i am back from the Himalayas trekking the Annapurna circuit, still alive and kicking and most importantly still ... Read more >

Tags: The Great Outdoors