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When I need sleep, I whine a lot

INDIA | Monday, 28 Mar 2011 | Views [582]

Kundalika River Camp, 9am ~ less than 3 hours sleep and sharing breakfast with colleagues… At 1am this morning, mid-flight to Mumbai, my greatest fear was that I had left my iPod on the seat at the boarding gate. I spent ... Read more >

Tags: india, school, sleep, trekking

Ponderings from a plane at midnight

INDIA | Sunday, 27 Mar 2011 | Views [656]

Somewhere between Dubai and Mumbai... I’ve never been on a flight before where I am just one of a group of twenty. Heck, I’ve never flown with any more than three other people at a time, and each of those times playing the dutiful role ... Read more >

Tags: india, school, trekking

When It's Worth It

NEPAL | Friday, 24 Dec 2010 | Views [538]

I woke up this morning and considered how ingenious the Japanese were in developing heated toilet seats. I’m sure you can imagine why. I wasn’t all that worried nonetheless, simply appreciative that our guide Hem had pushed to have our room ... Read more >

Tags: nepal, trekking

The Fear of Losing "It"

NEPAL | Thursday, 23 Dec 2010 | Views [535] | Comments [3]

As we arrived in Nepal last night, I had great fears that I had lost “it”. Coming off the back of an amazing adventure in Thailand, and ample explorations through bits of the Middle East, I thought it would be a smooth and easy transition. ... Read more >

Tags: nepal, trekking

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