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Taking the road less traveled Spending a year in five continents to embrace my "inner turtle", to live simply, and to avoid being shark bait!


HONG KONG | Sunday, 27 Jan 2013 | Views [524]

It is true that good times fly by within the blink of an eye.  I cannot believe it has been a year since my gap year commenced; my beautiful spreadsheet of color-coded flight details, accommodations, and travel arrangements completed.  Thousands ... Read more >

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Rarely Discussed Life Events

HONG KONG | Wednesday, 19 Dec 2012 | Views [510]

It's homecoming time again!  It was eleven months ago that I began my gap year visiting my family in Hong Kong, so it is only appropriate that I end it in the same place to complete a 360.  Christmas is also a nice time to be in Hong Kong, ... Read more >

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Home via the Scenic Route

USA | Saturday, 27 Oct 2012 | Views [530]

After two months in beautiful British Columbia and living the rural life, it was finally time to return to US soil and stay put for a while.  I bade goodbye to lovely Wildside Farm and my host family, and headed for Victoria the long way, down the ... Read more >

Tags: ashland, oregon, portland, road trip, seattle, victoria, washington

Washing the Dirt Off

CANADA | Tuesday, 16 Oct 2012 | Views [462]

It was an incredible education living and working on two organic farms; better yet, it transformed me to enjoy being in the garden and getting dirt on my hands.  It was refreshing to be working outdoors almost daily, getting exercise while breathing ... Read more >

Tags: goat, organic farm, outdoor

Organic Living

CANADA | Monday, 15 Oct 2012 | Views [843]

My WWOOF experience has taught me more than just about organic farming; it opened my eyes to "organic lifestyle", and it's much more than food, compost, and recycling. Both of my host families are people who prefer and enjoy things made by themselves ... Read more >

Tags: compost, organic lifestyle, recycle, technology

Giving Thanks

CANADA | Sunday, 7 Oct 2012 | Views [346]

This weekend is my first time to experience Canadian Thanksgiving.  The timing of Thanksgiving in Canada (second Monday in October) actually seems more in line with when harvest takes place than US Thanksgiving.  My host family was invited ... Read more >

Tags: canada thanksgiving, local food

Country Weekends

CANADA | Sunday, 30 Sep 2012 | Views [430]

Work doesn't stop on the farm on the weekend.  Goats still need to be fed, milked and walked, and food still need to be harvested.  However, besides the necessary tasks, my host family do make the time to enjoy  "family time" during the weekends, ... Read more >

Tags: ella, goat slaughter, hills, hills garlic festival, mine tailings, new denver, rail trail, silverton, sufferfest

Farmer gal

CANADA | Thursday, 20 Sep 2012 | Views [675]

I know I've become a full-fledged farm gal when my fingers and fingernails are persistently stained with dirt, and all my clothes smell like goat. Also I've learned the true meaning of "back-breaking work". I knew farming is labor-intensive, ... Read more >

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Photos: Beautiful British Columbia

CANADA | Sunday, 9 Sep 2012 | Photo Gallery

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USA | Wednesday, 5 Sep 2012 | Views [475]

At the beginning of 2012, I had planned the year through August; my goal at the time was to have traveled to five continents, gotten my scuba diving certification, and volunteered in two marine conservation programs.  I left the rest of the year open, ... Read more >

Tags: bend, canada, crater lake, kennewick, nelway, new denver, oregon, tri-valley, washington, wine tasting

Photos: Pacfic Northwest

USA | Wednesday, 5 Sep 2012 | Photo Gallery

Road trip through Oregon and Washington
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Photos: Galapagos and rest of Ecuador

ECUADOR | Saturday, 1 Sep 2012 | Photo Gallery

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Wonders of Ecuador

ECUADOR | Saturday, 1 Sep 2012 | Views [5891]

How much fun can be packed in three weeks in Ecuador?  Enough to experience volcanoes and islands, urban and rural, ocean and mountain, and chills and warmth.  Yet there still isn't enough time for the Amazon!  What an amazing country it is. I traveled ... Read more >

Tags: boobies, cuenca, ecuador, galapagos, iguana, lonesome george, otavalo, papallacta, sea lion, white water rafting

Hasta la vista, Puerto Lopez!

ECUADOR | Saturday, 11 Aug 2012 | Views [2014]

I'm not entirely surprised by how quickly 2 months flew by in Puerto Lopez, but it still takes me by surprise when time came for me to pack up.  One of the things I enjoyed the most about this project, besides the work itself, is living in Puerto Lopez.... Read more >

Tags: bolon, calamari, corviche, empanada, jellyfish, miss list, puerto lopez, quaker, shark, turtle

The Poor Man's Galapagos

ECUADOR | Thursday, 2 Aug 2012 | Views [1359]

I've been eager to visit Isla de la Plata since arriving in Puerto Lopez.  I first learned about the island from Marine Megafauna Foundation, the org I worked with in Mozambique; they've been traveling there to tag and study the manta ray population ... Read more >

Tags: galapagos, isla de la plata, mora mora, scuba dive, sun fish, turtle capture

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