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Taking the road less traveled Spending a year in five continents to embrace my "inner turtle", to live simply, and to avoid being shark bait!

I "Trashed" the Ocean

ECUADOR | Monday, 23 Jul 2012 | Views [601]

Scuba diving isn't part of the "responsibilities" at my current volunteer project in Puerto Lopez, so I would need to book diving excursions on my own.  Luckily, the other two volunteers and the local coordinator, C, are all certified scuba ... Read more >

Tags: butterfly fish, isla ahorcados, isla salango, moray eel, puerto lopez, scorpion fish, scuba dive, surgeon, turtle, weight belt

Choose Life or Death?

ECUADOR | Sunday, 22 Jul 2012 | Views [1059]

Today was a day of extreme dichotomy, two polar opposites with a similar goal, yet the road could not be more different. The day started like most days with tiburones at the fish market.  Two volunteers had the early shift from 6:30 am to 7:30 am, ... Read more >

Tags: fishing, guayaquil, humpback whale, playita, profile, senor sushi, shark man, stingray, tourism, university

Cementerio de los tiburones

ECUADOR | Wednesday, 4 Jul 2012 | Views [1031]

If you read my previous story "My Grimmest Day in Tofo", you knew how heart wrenching and difficult it was to witness first hand the finning of sharks right on the beach. I would never forget the image of piles of sharks and rays at the ... Read more >

Tags: alopias pelagicus, equilibrio azul, fish market, hammerhead, pelagic thresher, shark fin, sphyrna zygaena

Yo quero tortugas, muerto o vivo!

ECUADOR | Wednesday, 27 Jun 2012 | Views [525]

One of the best transitions from my project in Tofo to the one here with Equilibrio Azul is continuing with the conservation of sea turtles.  Back at Tofo, I learned general knowledge plus the five species of turtles that reside there; luckily, four ... Read more >

Tags: beach patrol, green turtle, hawksbill, leatherback, los frailes, machalilla national park, olive ridley, turtle capture

Monkey Business

ECUADOR | Thursday, 21 Jun 2012 | Views [1049]

After two weeks in Quito, I headed to Puerto Lopez where my volunteer project is located.  It was a 12-hour bus ride from Quito to Puerto Lopez; Maria woke up at 4:30 AM to cook breakfast for me so I could be collected at 5:30 AM.  She also gave me a ... Read more >

Tags: forest, howler monkey, laura, pacoche, puerto lopez, turtle capture

Photos: Ecuador's La Costa

ECUADOR | Tuesday, 19 Jun 2012 | Photo Gallery

Along the coast of Ecuador
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Tags: fish market, los frailes, pacoche, puerto lopez, ray, shark finning, turtle

Living "High"

ECUADOR | Saturday, 16 Jun 2012 | Views [374]

Hola amigos!  I've been in Quito, Ecuador for almost two weeks, first trip to South America. I arrived Monday afternoon after flying on one of the most kids-filled flights ever.  The airport is literally smack in the middle of the city, so ... Read more >

Tags: cotopaxi, el centro histórico, equator, la mitad del mundo, maria, new town, old town, pichincha, quito, spanish lesson

Photos: Quito, Ecuador

ECUADOR | Sunday, 10 Jun 2012 | Photo Gallery

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Photos: Tofo, Mozambique

MOZAMBIQUE | Wednesday, 6 Jun 2012 | Photo Gallery

Tofo, Mozambique
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Tapas in Madrid

SPAIN | Monday, 4 Jun 2012 | Views [850]

Since Madrid had direct flights to Quito, Ecuador, I decided to spend the last weekend of my "mandatory rest period" there before departing for my project.  I flew from Paris to Madrid on the European cheap airline EasyJet; I don't fly often ... Read more >

Tags: adventurous appetities, ballet russe, caixa forum, easyjet, iberia airline, madrid, museo del prado, museo sorolla, royal palace, tapas

Photos: Madrid, Spain

SPAIN | Monday, 4 Jun 2012 | Photo Gallery

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Photos: Proof of Life

HONG KONG | Sunday, 3 Jun 2012 | Photo Gallery

Weekly proof that I'm alive and where I'm at
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Red clay in Paris!

FRANCE | Friday, 1 Jun 2012 | Views [521]

Leaving the third world behind for a week, I took a "mandatory rest period" (a favorite phrase of mine from the TV reality show Amazing Race) in between my projects in Mozambique and Ecuador, and split the time between Paris and Madrid.  ... Read more >

Tags: centre pompidou, champagne, eiffel tower, french open, moet & chandon, paris, patisserie, reims, roland garros

Photos: Paris, France

FRANCE | Friday, 1 Jun 2012 | Photo Gallery

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Parting thoughts on Mozambique

MOZAMBIQUE | Sunday, 27 May 2012 | Views [929]

My two main objectives for volunteering in Mozambique was to learn as much as possible about marine conservation and about this country.  I can easily spend another month here (humpback whale season starts in June!) but I am satisfied with everything ... Read more >

Tags: cleaning station, disney, finding nemo, manta ray, marine megafauna, parting thoughts, pixar, sea turtle, tofo, whale shark

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