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Living my dreams im living my dreams!


ARGENTINA | Saturday, 8 Aug 2009 | Views [456] | Video

I'm glad to be home. but i have bouts of tristeza when i see something that reminds me of Argentina.  I fell in love with tango. 


ARGENTINA | Sunday, 2 Aug 2009 | Views [421] | Comments [2]

I dont think it´s healthy to be alone for too long.  Our souls need to interact.  I am pretty sure that, with time, you get used to being alone.  But then you don´t like to be around other people.  They get on your nerves easily.  When your alone, ... Read more >


ARGENTINA | Wednesday, 29 Jul 2009 | Views [355] | Comments [1]

1.  I love tango! 2.  I´m not ugly without makeup 3.  Joy is fleeting 4.  I can handle anything now that I have jumped off of a cliff.  Really, nothing scares me that much anymore. 5.  I need a routine 6.  I am sort of a homebody and I´m not the ... Read more >

Un Rompecorazon

ARGENTINA | Wednesday, 29 Jul 2009 | Views [488] | Comments [2]

Yesturday was my last class with my tango professor. I was sad. I hate liking someone who doesn´t like you back...but who does?  Anyway, I´ll never see him again.  I don´t think a relationship would have been possible,he´s re-not my personality-type.... Read more >

tango update

ARGENTINA | Saturday, 25 Jul 2009 | Views [400] | Video


Gallery: buenos aires

ARGENTINA | Saturday, 25 Jul 2009 | Photo Gallery

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Tai Chi and dinos

ARGENTINA | Monday, 20 Jul 2009 | Views [1081] | Comments [2]

I was walking through the botanical garden the other day and I heard...ENGLISH! Being the out-going nut that I am, I followed the sound and started chatting with two girls from England. We were walking through the park and I saw a woman doing Tai ... Read more >

I´m afraid to paint my fingernails

ARGENTINA | Monday, 20 Jul 2009 | Views [844]

Time moves by slower here.  Sometimes I like it, sometimes I dont. They don´t use a lot of electricity here.  In my home, I have to light a match to start the gas stove, oven, and heater.  Sometimes I let too much gas go and then it puffs up and scares ... Read more >

Gallery: im a wreck, a shipwreck!

ARGENTINA | Saturday, 11 Jul 2009 | Photo Gallery

pto madryn
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Gallery: my new friends, sealions

ARGENTINA | Saturday, 11 Jul 2009 | Photo Gallery

puerto madryn, patagonia
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Abandon ship!

ARGENTINA | Saturday, 11 Jul 2009 | Views [514]

After the sealions, we headed toward our next destination: a 45-year-old shipwreck at the bottom of the ocean.  The older man and the boy were too cold, but I wasn´t willing to give up my opportunity, so off we went.  When we dropped the anchor, I ... Read more >

Kissing Sealions - Puerto Madryn, Patagonia

ARGENTINA | Saturday, 11 Jul 2009 | Views [849] | Comments [1]

OH MY GOSH!  IT´s FREEZING!    I thought as I tried to cover my body with my backpack.  I looked around at the terrain from a door-less, top-less jeep.  It looked exactly like the desert.  Reminding me of Arizona. What a lie.  I thought.  I´m freezing ... Read more >

So you think you can dance

ARGENTINA | Friday, 10 Jul 2009 | Views [1843] | Comments [1]

I am super blessed. beyond blessed! The lady I live with, Yolie, goes to a tango lesson two times each week.  She has one leg (she was hit by a bus five years ago) but dances really well. She offered to take me to class with her. But the day before ... Read more >

The Paris of South America

ARGENTINA | Tuesday, 7 Jul 2009 | Views [455]

I arrived in Buenos Aires and was awed by how big it is.  Thank God for subways!  I practically live in el subte.  I take it too and from class everyday. Last weekend, I went to the famous cemetary in Recoleta.  It was like a little village for dead ... Read more >

So, I think I figured out how the bus system works...

ARGENTINA | Friday, 26 Jun 2009 | Views [573] | Comments [1]

I woke up early Monday morning and, because this is my last week in Cordoba, I wanted to head toward el centro (downtown) early in order to complete last-minute tasks. I unlocked and opened the front dooor.  Turned around and locked it again from the ... Read more >

Can I steal 3 minutes from you?

ARGENTINA | Saturday, 20 Jun 2009 | Views [528] | Comments [2] | Video

This was only my third tango lesson.  Remember, there are no steps in tango.  You just dance with the music and your soul.  My teacher says I'm a natural :) Not bad for someone who is normally a klutz! I hope you enjoy...

Giselle and awkward situations...

ARGENTINA | Thursday, 18 Jun 2009 | Views [413] | Comments [1]

I went to another show at the San Martin Theatre.  It's a very old production called Giselle (originating in Paris).  I watched the second act.  Oh it was LOVELY!  Afterward, I was walking down the steps of the theatre when my tango professor said ... Read more >

Men and mate...random entry

ARGENTINA | Thursday, 18 Jun 2009 | Views [390]

I'll keep this one short: 1-the men here are BEAUTIFUL!  But many are pigs.  Each day (EACH AND EVERY DAY) men say things to me on the street.  Some things are nice, some are vulgur, and many are whistles.  Sometimes...Most of the time, I want to turn ... Read more >

Europe in Argentina? uh...Como?

ARGENTINA | Thursday, 18 Jun 2009 | Views [411]

I think Europe is very romantic. I liked visiting Germany two years ago, but I felt lonely a lot because it's just so romantic.  In my opinion, the best was to experience Europe is with a love.  Well, La Cumbrecita is a very European town.   It ... Read more >

Gallery: la cumbrecita

ARGENTINA | Thursday, 18 Jun 2009 | Photo Gallery

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