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ARGENTINA | Sunday, 2 August 2009 | Views [410] | Comments [2]

I dont think it´s healthy to be alone for too long.  Our souls need to interact.  I am pretty sure that, with time, you get used to being alone.  But then you don´t like to be around other people.  They get on your nerves easily. 

When your alone, you dont have to wait for people, you don´t have to walk at their pace, you don´t have to talk to anyone.  You do what you want to do.  That´s great, but eventually, you get sad.

I felt sad for a while.  I cried sometimes. 

Then God plopped two new friends in my life and after Adam left, I spent a lot of time with Sanjay.  I´m lucky because they are super -patient and nice guys.

After spending time with Sanjay and Adam, I became "nice" again...well, I mean, more patient with people. 

So Today my friend San Jay went home (canada) and I´m alone again.

And I´m at that point where all I want to do is wait...wait to go back to home.  But I know I¨ll be sick of it in a week or two.  But still, I have this huge urge to wait. 

So I´m going to keep myself busy.  That´s what is nice about big cities, there is always something to do.  But then I wonder...if we are always distracting ourselves (or entertaining ourselves)...are we living?  If we never see the forest, are we connect with the earth?  With God?

I love the city, but I´m not sure it´s good for me.  I think that oftentimes we love the very things that will kill us.  We love money.  We love clothes.  We hold love as a commodity...spending it on somethings and witholding it from others.  When we want someone to change, we withold our love from them, thinking that, once they change, we´ll love them again.  In the end, love should be treated like raingwater.  Free-flowing and free for everyone.  God doesn´t hold his love from anyone and He changes people all the time!  (there´s a lot of info on this topic in the book Blue Like Jazz, which I´m borrowing to Nicki when I get home).

To conclude this chapter of my book of life-

Let´s love one another, shall we?





I guess distracting ourselves is what we do best.Human doings rather than human beings. What i've found is that distraction worked for me in the past and still but gets less satisfying as i got older.

The restless souls who wander seem to have not only "desires to wander" as one of their major personality traits but also they introspect.

This wandering and introspection seems to bring us closer to our "God" whatever that may be ,eventually.

It just never quite seems like it ever will at the moment. But it has to be the best path.

Hi Ho!

  barry-burton Sep 25, 2009 12:30 AM


hey barry,

thanks for the reply...yeah I agree with you totally. It has to be the best path...if we don't try, we'll never know.


  danielle Sep 25, 2009 3:59 AM

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