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Tai Chi and dinos

ARGENTINA | Monday, 20 July 2009 | Views [1070] | Comments [2]

I was walking through the botanical garden the other day and I heard...ENGLISH!

Being the out-going nut that I am, I followed the sound and started chatting with two girls from England.

We were walking through the park and I saw a woman doing Tai Chi near a tree with two other women following her moves.  I must have been staring too much because she invited me to join!  Of course I did, and I invited the two english girls. 

I´ve always wanted to do Tai Chi, and it was awesome!  Sometimes I think that, as humans, we loose touch with nature. 

Speaking of loosing touch with nature...

It was a rainy day yesturday.  Not like pounding drops of rain, but misty and grey.  I felt ugly. My mood often reflects the weather.  Its really tricky to change my mood.  A daily battle...

I walked up 8 huge, stone steps and entered the Science Museum.  I am super excited!  I thought.  I have to pee!  I always have to pee...even when I am not excited.

So I started my journey through the museum, backwards, because the bathrooms were on the first floor (meaning second floor in USA).  The first room was stuffed (real) animals.  I was especially mesmorized by the jaguar, the bats, and the mice. 

The second and third rooms were full of reptiles and insects.  They had a lot of the reptiles in jars with liquid, in order to preserve their bodies.  I loved the frogs!  The insects were a bit too much for me though.  Just imagine a beetle the size of your HAND!  AHHH!  no thanks.

Then I saw a gigantic clam.  It was beautiful...once again, nothing can compare to natural beauty! 

Next there was an exhibit on Charles Darwin.  They even had handwritten letters by Darwin himself!  He studied human evolution from monkies.  His story was interesting-  he was going to school to become something religion-related.  Then he was asked to go on a long boat journey.  during this journey, he kept a journal and took notes on all the animals.  It took him 20 years to gain the courage to publish his work and then he became a bit recluse and died (lonely).  His theory is simple.  Humans are related to nature.  But just because we may have evolved from apes, doesnt mean there isn´t a God, God could have created different animals, but overtime, those animals do adapt and change. 

Then...the BEST ROOM OF ALL!!!  DINOSAUR BONES!!  YES!  holy cow, they were so freaking awesome and there were loads!  I saw a long-neck and a T-REX head! 

Al Final, a room full of living fish in small tanks.  I felt so bad for them.  But I didnt feel as bad about the stuff animals.  I wonder if we will ever do this too humans.  I guess we already do.  When a prehistoric human is found, it´s put in a museum.  Maybe aliens will do the same to us someday...yikes.

But honestly, it´s better to kill one animal for exhibition, than to cage hundreds for the rest of their lives.  Its like the haloucaust but for animals...

I don´t like caged animals.  I do like Tai-Chi.



Did you end up finding the bathroom?

  Molly Slager Jul 24, 2009 9:52 AM


yes. i found the batheroom...thankfully!

  danielle Jul 25, 2009 12:02 AM

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