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Abandon ship!

ARGENTINA | Saturday, 11 July 2009 | Views [505]

getting better...

getting better...

After the sealions, we headed toward our next destination: a 45-year-old shipwreck at the bottom of the ocean.  The older man and the boy were too cold, but I wasn´t willing to give up my opportunity, so off we went. 

When we dropped the anchor, I felt a tap on my shoulder.

"I´m BACK!"

It was fear.  Next thing I knew he was standin over me, punching me in the stomache. 

I was scared.


I don´t know how to dive.  What if I can not breath and I was too far at the bottom?  What if I die?


"Daniela, escuchame."  The guide was talking to me. 

He told me, when I went underwater, I had to keep the pressure equal in my body.  I was going to do this by holding my nose shut and my mouth shut as well.  Then after doing those things, I was going to try to "blow" air out of my nose and mouth (obviously, I can´t blow the air out).  With the aire trapped, it goes out your ears...try it now if you want.

The guide put my flippers back on my feet and as he added weights to my stomache, I said. 

"No quiero morir.  Tengo miedo."  I wasn´t smiling.  I was very scared.  I think I was more scared than I was when I jumped off of the mountain.  I don´t like the idea of drowning.

"Tranquil"  He said.

I didn´t smile.  I couldn´t be calm!

He pushed me over the edge again.

He wrapped his legs around my waist and with the rope of the anchor, we started our desent.  We went down about three feet, and I couldn´t do that ear-pop pressure thing. 

I got scared.  and Fear was waiting at the bottom.  We went back up.

I don´t know if I can do this...

"Tranquil...."  the guide said as we reached the top of the water and he started pulling me back down. 

 I´m not ready!  Wait!  He kept pulling.  And my heartbeat rang through my head.

I didn´t have a choice, so I started praying.  I tried the ear-pop thing and it worked this time.  As my confidence grew, fear backed farther and farther away.  Before I knew it, my leg his the ground.  I saw tiny starfish and tons of clams at the bottom.  The guide basically carried me around the ship for a VERY short amount of time (i think he thought I was scared still) and we came back up. 

I have pictures from before and after the dive.  Before, I look scared to death, but at the bottom, you can see the happiness in my eyes.

How many people have gone diving in Patagonia!  SWEET!

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