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Kissing Sealions - Puerto Madryn, Patagonia

ARGENTINA | Saturday, 11 July 2009 | Views [838] | Comments [1]

OH MY GOSH!  IT´s FREEZING!   I thought as I tried to cover my body with my backpack.  I looked around at the terrain from a door-less, top-less jeep.  It looked exactly like the desert.  Reminding me of Arizona.

What a lie.  I thought.  I´m freezing my pelotas off here!

I was sitting in the front, wearing a semi-wet diving suit and nothing else.  The wind was fierce and bit at my face like one million piranhas.

The french man and his nephew where sitting in the backseat.  When we first boarded the jeep, the older man put on one of the jackets he grabbed the other one and asked me if there was a third, i said no.  But his nephew looked about 12 years old. 

"Estoy bien."  I said to him.  As he took the jacket and gave it too the young boy.

Ugh, why was I so nice?  I thought as I sat there freezing.

Finally, we arrived to the pebble-filled beach.  As the small boat came toward the beach, I ran into the water because I didn´t want to give myself time to feel how cold it was...it didn´t work.  It was freezing. 

This is Patagonia afterall.

After a short, 10 minute boat ride, we arrived at our desination.  The guide grabbed my foot.

What is he doing?  "Que estas haciendo?"  I asked.

He put the flipper on my cold, wet foot. 

Oh, duh. 

Oh, crap. I don´t know how to snorkel...I´ve never used fins before.

I got scared.  I was trying to tell the guide I didn´t know how to snorkel. 

He pushed me in.  And I figured it out. 

Off we went.  Off to the cliffs.  My heart raced as we approached our destination and forgot all about the cold water seeping into my diving suit. 




And they were very friendly.  Right away they swam up to me and started swimming around me.  I started floating on my back (thanks Nicki, for teaching me how to do this when I was little) and one climbed on my stomache and nipped at my face. 

I kissed him on the head!

This was one of the coolest things I have ever done!  We played with the sealions for a while and when the little boy got cold we started swimming back. 

Swimming back was much easier than swimming there.  This time, I put my head down.  Thus, I was able to snorkel back.  The water below was like another world.  I was mesmorized by the dozens of sealions I saw playing below me.  I looked at the rocks and all of the life. 

As humans, we often get so wrappe up in our lives, that we forget there are so many other lives to consider...so many other things to see.

I tried not to smile (very hard for me too do), because whenever I smiled, I somehow sniffed water into my nose.  Don´t ask me how I do this stuff...I just do.  So I smirked.

That´s when I saw the first one.  It was right below my body and it´s translucent skin was like a window.  I saw the rainbow colored lines inside of it´s body light up as the sun reflected off of them. 

Then I saw another one...and another...and then hundreds more. 


Arn´t these poisonous?  What if we accidently swam into a herd of jellyfish?!  I don´t want to die!  I´m not ready to die!

Oh wow, they are so beautiful...I just want to touch one...

"OW!"  I said, inhaling water as I spoke.  My head hit the side of the boat.

"Jellyfish!"  I said to the guide.

He knew some english and explained that they are in the jellyfish family, but arn´t poisonous.

So, I basically spent the morning playing with sealions in the wild.

Two jounal entries back, I wrote about going to the zoo in Buenos Aires.  I was very sad that day.  And I compared that feeling to today.  A 180 degree difference.  When I saw those caged animals (sealions), they looked sad.  I could feel their sadness and I became sad and negative.  But today, it was like I was a totally different person after seeing them.  BECAUSE THEY WERE FREE AND HAPPY.  So I felt the same.




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