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Living my dreams im living my dreams!

I'm ready for BIGGER mountains!

ARGENTINA | Thursday, 18 Jun 2009 | Views [442] | Comments [1]

I had a long weekend and didn't have any plans, so I went to the train station and baught a ticket (20 usd roundtrip).  I arrived late the next day (not unusal for me) and the bus had already left!  I was flabbergasted!  THIS IS ARGENTINA!  Everyone ... Read more >

Death by hair needle

ARGENTINA | Thursday, 18 Jun 2009 | Views [484] | Comments [2]

In sixth grade my teacher, Mrs. Keech, gave me an assignment.  It was called "My Life List."  It's a list of goals I want to do before I die.  One of the things on that list is: -dye my hair blonde. I was walking downtown and saw a nice salon.... Read more >

Gallery: Northern Argentina

ARGENTINA | Thursday, 11 Jun 2009 | Photo Gallery

salta, san martin, cayfayete
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What a typical day looks like

ARGENTINA | Sunday, 7 Jun 2009 | Views [1927] | Comments [4]

this changes from week to week.  Right now I have private classes at my school, but before I had group classes.  With group classes I had to wake up at 7 AM -VERY DIFFICULT ! 9 am-wake up.  Wash face, kiss and say hello to the maid (and my good friend) ... Read more >

How I got here and logistics

ARGENTINA | Sunday, 7 Jun 2009 | Views [451]

About 3 months ago, I was sitting in a coffee shop and e-mailing my spanish teacher this question:  "If I can´t afford study abroad.  What are my options?  Is it possible to just go somewhere and learn spanish on my own?  I don´t think i´d be able ... Read more >

"of course her name is Bruja"

ARGENTINA | Sunday, 7 Jun 2009 | Views [453] | Comments [1]

Everytime I entered a classroom as a child, my classmates would sing the theme song of the Munsters and they would call me Wednesday.  I also sleep on my back with my hands across my chest like a vampire.  I´m pale (actually, I hate to use the word ... Read more >

i will sleep when i am dead...

ARGENTINA | Saturday, 6 Jun 2009 | Views [785]

I watched a puff of white air flow from my mouth.   I shivered and looked up at the moon and the bright, glittering Star s.     I looked at the clock, 5 after 9pm.  Then at my ticket.  It read, platform 21, 9PM.   Where is my bus?   I thought ... Read more >

Gallery: mendoza

ARGENTINA | Monday, 1 Jun 2009 | Photo Gallery

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London Festival Orchestra

ARGENTINA | Monday, 1 Jun 2009 | Views [511] | Comments [3] | Video

I love classical music.   I’m not like a lot of people my age…I prefer drinking wine and having dinner with a few friends to partying and doing a keg-stand.   So yesterday, I went to the Boletaria at San Martin Theatre in Cordoba and bought ... Read more >

Fly like an eagle...

ARGENTINA | Monday, 25 May 2009 | Views [420] | Comments [2]

As a child, I was always afraid of heights.   I remember a tree on the Grandpas farm.   It had, what remained of, an old tree house in it.   I always wanted to climb that tree but, I never had the nerve to do it.   I could make it to the last level ... Read more >

Mi primer dia aqui

ARGENTINA | Saturday, 16 May 2009 | Views [501] | Comments [2]

Off I go!  I'm on my own!  It's time for the next chapter of my life titled:  "Living my Dreams!"  Danielle the Adventurer is on the loose.  I set off early in the morning on Thursday from my home in Iowa (United States of America).  I ... Read more >

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