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Trip: North West WA

There are [54] stories from my trip: North West WA

29/06/2013 Mine Railway Access Road (FC #8)

AUSTRALIA | Saturday, 29 Jun 2013 | Views [475]

    Packed up early and drove the 120km back t o Tom Price in time for a shower at the visitors c entre,  donned my hard hat and safety glasses and joined a t our of the mine which I had booked a few days earlier. ... Read more >

28/06/2013 Karijini NP (Dales Camp)

AUSTRALIA | Friday, 28 Jun 2013 | Views [198]

  Headed off along the corrugated dirt road to the western end of Karijini to the Weano Gorge day use area. Went to Junction Pool and Oxer lookouts (where 4 gorges meet), both stunning, then tagged along with a family group for the walk down ... Read more >

27/06/2013 Karijini NP (Dales Camp)

AUSTRALIA | Thursday, 27 Jun 2013 | Views [207]

  Headed off on a lovely walk to Fortescue Falls at the bottom of Dales Gorge, then to Fern Pool where I had a swim. This pool had a small waterfall coming into it which was actually warm! After that I followed the very scenic route ... Read more >

26/06/2013 Karijini NP (Dales Camp)

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 26 Jun 2013 | Views [245]

  The sun was shining finally so headed off to Karijini NP, the aboriginal name given to the Hamersley Ranges which run right through the second largest National Park in WA.   Went to the Visitors C entre in the park to pay ... Read more >

25/06/2013 Tom Price (FC #7)

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 25 Jun 2013 | Views [373] | Comments [1]

Weather is still not good to go to Karijini and there was a lot of rain over night. Some roads are closed and the mine pit also so can't go on the mine tour. Had a $2 shower at the visitors centre and spent the day sorting, editing and uploading my ... Read more >

Tags: pilbara, tom price, western australia

24/06/2013 Tom Price (FC #6)

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 24 Jun 2013 | Views [710]

  Unfortunately today was one of those days when nothing seems to go right. Woke up to light rain so headed off into Tom Price early to see what the road to Mount Nameless was like (for the views) but the first part of the road was mud and slush ... Read more >

Tags: pilbara, tom price, western australia

23/06/2013 Tom Price (FC #5)

AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 23 Jun 2013 | Views [811] | Comments [1]

Awoke at 6.15am and made a mad dash up the hill again to see a spectacular sunrise. Then headed back to camp to boil some water on my fire for a shower. The blue rubber mat Steve gave me came in handy as my outdoor shower mat. Did some clothes ... Read more >

Tags: pilbara, tom price, western australia

22/06/2013 Bobs Swim Waterhole (FC #4)

AUSTRALIA | Saturday, 22 Jun 2013 | Views [1236] | Comments [1]

Bruce and Janine think they have mechanical trouble with their campervan. Ross went to help.  Spectacular drive to Paraburdoo. Stopped a lot to take photos. Greens and browns, pinks and reds, irregular shaped hills. Some wildflowers appearing ... Read more >

Tags: pilbara, western australia

21/06/2013 Beasley River (FC #3)

AUSTRALIA | Friday, 21 Jun 2013 | Views [861]

Woke up to a great view from my bed, the gum trees silhouetted against a beautiful sunrise. Got up to take a photo which didn't do it justice then went back to bed to admire from the window instead. All was quiet. Even the generators at the ... Read more >

Tags: beasley river, pilbara, western australia

20/06/2013 Barradale Rest Area (FC #2)

AUSTRALIA | Thursday, 20 Jun 2013 | Views [708]

Only drove 90km today. I love the colours, red (earth) and green (vegetation) with the occasional small ridge. Stopped late morning at the Barradale 24hr Rest Area on the Yannarie River. Large area with shady trees along the banks of the dry river bed.... Read more >

Tags: barradale, pilbara, western australia

19/06/2013 Bullara Station

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 19 Jun 2013 | Views [400]

Mid morning Jenny and I set off for the 40km return trip along the sandy track to The Exmouth Gulf where the owner Tim was building a shelter near the mangrove beach for future camping. Returned about  2pm  looking forward to ... Read more >

Tags: bullara station, gascoyne, western australia

18/06/2013 Bullara Station

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 18 Jun 2013 | Views [1522] | Comments [1]

Had a broken nights sleep as my tent is right next to the communal campfire and some party goers continued until after midnight so in the morning I decide to stay another night but move my tent to another camping area. While I was investigating the shearers ... Read more >

Tags: bullara station, gascoyne, western australia

17/06/2013 Bullara Station

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 17 Jun 2013 | Views [312]

Horses are wandering around the camp kitchen and trotting free around the camp ground. Drove into Coral Bay just to see what I was missing out on as a lot of people had mentioned it. The beach was nice but the town basically a row of caravan parks across ... Read more >

Tags: bullara station, gascoyne, western australia

16/06/2013 Bullara Station

AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 16 Jun 2013 | Views [1057] | Comments [3]

Packed up, refuelled checked car, 40litres drinking water, and took Marg to Learmonth Airport. We've had a great time and it's sad to say goodbye. I'm heading to Bullara Station then plan to make my way to Paraburdoo (aboriginal name for white ... Read more >

15/06/2013 Exmouth

AUSTRALIA | Saturday, 15 Jun 2013 | Views [396]

Hair cut, shopping, cleaning my car and getting supplies for the next leg of my journey north. Just before sunset drove to Charles Knife Canyon and Thomas Carter Lookout which is on the other side of the Cape Range. Views were spectacular. ... Read more >

14/06/2013 Cape Range NP - Tulki Beach

AUSTRALIA | Friday, 14 Jun 2013 | Views [336] | Comments [1]

Raining. Rigged up my own shelter at the back of my car using a tarp and tent poles.  Eventually decided to abandon camp and retreat to Exmouth. Raining heavily in town. Met Rusty at camping shop to enquire about getting my work light fixed, ... Read more >

13/06/2013 Cape Range NP - Tulki Beach

AUSTRALIA | Thursday, 13 Jun 2013 | Views [550]

Drove to Tantabiddi Boat Ramp to do Whale Shark Tour. Got a close up of an emu on the way.   The whale shark swim was great and we saw 2 whale sharks doing a total of 5 snorkels with them and yummy lunch and complimentary video ... Read more >

12/06/2013 Cape Range NP - Tulki Beach

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 12 Jun 2013 | Views [589]

Saw a huge humpback whale in the surf at Kurrajong. Went to get the binoculars but by the time I got back the whale had disappeared.  Marg went straight to Turquoise Bay and I went to the Info centre to book the whale shark tour which I had now ... Read more >

11/06/2013 Cape Range NP - Kurrajong

AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 11 Jun 2013 | Views [425]

Left  at 7am  for the Mandu Mandu Gorge walk. Nice walk with some steep up and down sections. Knees were Ok surprisingly enough, maybe helped by the snorkeling. Bacon and eggs for breakfast at Marg's restaurant then it rained ... Read more >

10/06/2013 Cape Range NP - Kurrajong

AUSTRALIA | Monday, 10 Jun 2013 | Views [284]

Windy overnight and windy in the morning. Went to visit Dave, Al, Graham and Bruce again to get some info on Karijini. Thanks to Greg next door who showed me how to repair a puncture using the same type of kit I have, and how to use my jack Then packed ... Read more >

09/06/2013 Cape Range NP - Osprey

AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 9 Jun 2013 | Views [355]

Repacked car for departure and walked along the beach. Went to Pilgramunna to snorkel. The beach was beautiful and there was good snorkeling. Set up camp at Osprey Bay. No shade. Marg and I camped together on the same site to get good ... Read more >

08/06/2013 Cape Range NP - Yardie Creek

AUSTRALIA | Saturday, 8 Jun 2013 | Views [369]

Marg did boat cruise up Yardie Creek Gorge and I did the gorge walk.  Played cards in the afternoon in Marg's campervan then drove 50km to Tantabiddi Boat ramp to see if we could meet up with Danny to say goodbye but missed him. ... Read more >

07/06/2013 Cape Range NP - Yardie Creek

AUSTRALIA | Friday, 7 Jun 2013 | Views [293]

Woke up early. I can see the sea from my bed out the back window.  Drove to homestead and reinflated tyres with compressor. Drove along Warroora East (dirt) Road to 14 mile beach camp ground. Lots of caravans. Continued along Warroora East Road ... Read more >

06/06/2013 Warroora Station, Elle's Beach

AUSTRALIA | Thursday, 6 Jun 2013 | Views [1946]

Early start for a l ong driving day with not much to see except goats and cows wandering across and along the side of the road. Great views from the  lookout at wm? then refuelled at Carnarvon and drove to Woorara station, a sheep station with ... Read more >

05/06/2013 Kalbarri - Galena Bridge Free Camp (FC)

AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 5 Jun 2013 | Views [892]

Went to Info centre to book tour to Z Bends gorge as this is the only way in while the roads are getting fixed. No access this month to Natures Window.  Went back to coastal gorges including Red Bluff  then drive to Z Bends gate to wait for ... Read more >

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